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Obongo gay cover-up!

June 2, 2009

Outraged Michelle Obama is masterminding an elaborate cover-up to prevent a new gay scandal from tarnishing the President, sources tell the Globe in a sensational world exclusive.

The furious first Lady has made it her mission to silence author Larry Sinclair, who has written a book called Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, sex, Lies, Murder, insiders reveal

In the work, Sinclair, 47, details the sordid fling he claims to have had with Barack Obama in 1999. He also accuses the President of abusing cocaine on at least two occasions.

“The people in the background of the Obama Administration have done everything in their power to stop my book,” Sinclair tells Globe.

…Sinclair also claims that Donald Young, the gay choir director of Obama’s former church in Chicago, had confessed to having an affair with the future President before being mysteriously murdered in 2007.

“Donald was an openly gay male and by his own admission was involved in an intimate and sexual relationship with Barack Obama for years,” Sinclair writes.

Michelle Obama’s Fury!

Michelle Obama chimps out!

Michelle Obama chimps out!

FIRST Lady Michelle Obama is spearheading a shocking White House cover-up, insiders say in a blockbuster GLOBE world exclusive. Sources detail the cunning tactics furious Michelle is using to muzzle the man who claims to have had gay sex and cocaine encounters with the President as she battles to protect her husband’s image.

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  1. saramc45 permalink

    Larry Sinclair – GOD BLESS YOU sticking to your GUNS!!! America is behind you 100%!!


    I live here in IL. He’s NEVER done nothing for this state!

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