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Jamaican Rough Erotic Dance Leads to Broken Penises, Government Ban

June 5, 2009

A Jamaican erotic dance faces a government ban due to the fact that it is supposed to be the main reason behind an increased number of penis injuries in the country. It is worth mentioning that over the last year the tragic outcomes from daggering tripled in Jamaica.

“Daggering” represents a vulgar dance style in which couples imitate dry sex in different positions to the beat of the music. The dance is distinguished by over-the-top gyrating, intense pelvis-thrusting and mad jumps.

It was found that a lot of couples took the daggering dance moves to their bedroom and ended up with catastrophic outcomes. After a dance-inspired rough intercourse lead to a number of fractured penises, the government asked Jamaican doctors to issue a warning regarding the risks of daggering.

Because the new dance registered a huge increase in popularity, followed by a lot of public protests, the government of Jamaica decided to forbid songs and video containing blatantly sexual

The country’s Broadcasting Commission described daggering as a “colloquial term used in dancehall culture as a reference to hardcore sex or what is popularly referred to as ‘dry sex’ or the activities of persons engaged in the public simulation of various sexual acts and positions”. The ban came into force in February, forbidding the radio, television and cable services, along with live songs and music videos to promote “daggering”.

Describing the dance, a commenter said: “Daggering is a dance that makes you unleash the beast! If you ain’t know what I mean think about every sex position and put it in a dance.” The ban divided the Jamaican community into those who agree with it and those (mainly artists) that say the ban limits their freedom of speech.


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