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Police stop and search innocent White people to balance race figures

June 18, 2009

instructpolicstopWhite people are being unjustifiably stopped and searched to provide racial balance in police statistics, the antiterrorism watchdog said yesterday.

Lord Carlile of Berriew, QC, described the searches in his annual report on the operation of counterterrorism legislation as “almost certainly” illegal. He said that he knew of cases where people were stopped by officers even though they did not fit any known terrorist profile.

He accused the police of wasting time and money by carrying out “self-evidently unmerited searches”, which were also an invasion of civil liberties. The searches, for example, of blonde women who fit no terrorist profile came against a backdrop of complaints from rights groups [i.e. KIKES!] that the number of black and Muslim people being stopped and searched by police was “disproportionate”.

Lord Carlile said that police were stopping white people unjustifiably so that official figures would make it look as if they were not singling out black and Asian people under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Lord Carlile wrote in his report: “I have evidence of cases where the person stopped is so obviously far from any known terrorism profile that, realistically, there is not the slightest possibility of him/her being a terrorist, and no other feature to justify the stop.

One example was a white middle-aged professional woman who was at a railway station in northern England when she was stopped and searched by a British Transport Police officer.


Now get this! Filthy KIKES flood formerly White countries with turd-world scum, then these same KIKES carry out false-flag terrorist attacks on these countries to get them to fight the KIKES’ enemies (i.e. Mudslimes) and if that wasn’t enough, the filthy shit swines (Jews) have the nerve to further punish the innocent citizens (and victims of their terror) by treating them as if they were the terrorists! Now that’s brazen! (what the Jews call ‘chutzpah’). This is the reason EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY THE JEWS EVER INHABITED  EVENTUALLY TURNED ON THEM! THIS TIME IT WILL BE GLOBAL! AND FINAL!

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