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Mah corn-row braids be only half-done, ah-fisser!

June 20, 2009
Marcus Bailey's police mugshot

Marcus Bailey's police mugshot

12:17pm UK, Saturday June 20, 2009

An alleged drug dealer has featured in a crazy police mugshot after being arrested midway through a haircut.

Marcus T. Bailey was being hunted by police over a parole warrant when he stepped from a barber’s chair to allegedly sell crack cocaine to two addicts.

According to police Bailey, 25, was getting his hair braided in corn rows when he left the shop in Indiana on Wednesday to do the drug deal inside a nearby car.

I wonder how long it took the police photographer to stop laughing enough to take the picture?

One local reader’s comments about Marcus Bailey’s police mugshot

Evansville Police spokesman Steve Green said about 21 grams of the drug were then found inside the car by local officers.

The two other people in the vehicle – named as Tamarra Blue and Demorrio Lawrence – where charged with possession of narcotics paraphernalia and released.

Police allege that Blue and Lawrence told investigators Bailey invited them to the barber shop “if they wanted to buy crack cocaine”.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Kurt Althoff wrote in the charge affidavit: “They both stated that they put their money together and gave it to Bailey as he got into the back of the car.”

“Law enforcement arrived on scene at this time and placed Bailey into custody prior to the completion of the transaction.”

After arrest Bailey told police he was not dealing, instead he claimed he was buying the cocaine from the other people.

But according to the police report both Lawrence and Blue displayed physical signs of being crack addicts – Bailey didn’t.

Police took this as a sign that Bailey was dealing to the duo.

Bailey, who has several convictions dating back to 2002 for unlicensed handgun, drug possession and criminal recklessness, is being held on a charge of dealing cocaine.

His mugshot has already become a hit among local newspaper readers, with dozens leaving comments about the crazy cut.

One reader renamed Bailey’s Afro hair style as a “half-fro”, another called it the “no-mo-hawk”.

A third reader pondered: “I wonder how long it took the police photographer to stop laughing enough to take the picture?”


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