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Virulent new strain of anti-Semitism rife in UK, says Chief Rabbi

June 20, 2009
Grimmacing Jew Devil

Grimmacing Jew Devil

Britain is in the grip of a “virulent” [calling ‘anti-sand-mite-ism’ “virulent” is Jewspeak – Jews speak in complete opposites – the truth is that ‘semitism’, or Jewish behavior, is virulent, ‘anti-semitism’ is merely a normal and healthy human reaction to obnoxious Jewish behavior.] new strain of anti-Semitism [Jews are always finding ‘new’ strains of antisemitism – no such thing – it’s always just a normal and healthy human reaction to typically obnoxious Jewish behavior.], according to the Chief Rabbi. Sir Jonathan Sacks told The Times in an interview that in January the number of anti-Semitic incidents reached the highest level since records began.

Jews have been physically attacked, schools targeted and cemeteries desecrated.[Oy Vey! The Horror! Vill this poisecution never end!?! I wonder how many of these ‘desecrations’ were carried out by the Jews themselves – which is typical.]

“I was in the synagogue [Teaching the little demons about how Jesus is being punished in hell by being boiled alive in a vat of semen – as read from the ‘holy’ Jewish ‘bible’, the Talmud]a few months ago when one of the members came in visibly shaken: somebody had just shouted at him, ‘It’s a pity Hitler didn’t finish the job’,[That, it is.]” the Chief Rabbi said.

Although the new “mutation” was different from the anti-Semitism promoted by Hitler, it was dangerous because it was international, he said. “The internet means that we no longer [control what the goyim read and know about us and the world]have national cultures; we have global cultures and the new anti-Semitism is very much a phenomenon of the global culture.”[Yes, the ‘culture of truth’, where for the first time, Jews don’t control and warp information – how they must hate it!]


Whereas in the past, hatred was focused against Judaism as a religion or Jews as a race, the focus this time was on Jews as a nation. The rise in the number of attacks in January took place at the same time as Israel’s assault on Hamas in Gaza.

“It begins as anti-Zionism — but it is never merely anti-Zionism when it attacks synagogues or Jewish schools,” Sir Jonathan said. “In the post-Holocaust world the single greatest source of authority is human rights — therefore the new anti-Semitism is constructed in the language of human rights.”[Of which Israel is the greatest violator.]

In a new book, Future Tense, he describes a “virulent new strain of anti-Semitism”. A worrying alliance had developed between radical Islamists and anti-globalisation [anti-JewWorldOrder] protesters, he said.

The UN had also fanned the flames. At the World Conference against Racism in Durban in 2001, he said, “Israel was accused of the five cardinal sins against human rights — racism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity and attempted genocide [ALL TRUE!] So the old myths [‘myth’=Jewspeak for ‘truth’]are recycled they are alive and well but they are done in a new kind of vocabulary.”

The media should also be more careful in coverage of the Middle East: “I do think too little of the history has been set out and people don’t really understand what’s at stake, so the Jewish community has felt quite vulnerable because of that.” [Here. pretending Jews don’t control the mainstream media.]

Asked whether he thought the BBC had shown anti-Israeli bias, he replied: “No comment.”

Sir Jonathan said that the mood had changed after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in 2001. His daughter, who at the time was studying at the London School of Economics, “had gone to an anti-globalisation rally which quickly turned into a diatribe against Israel and Jews. She came home weeping and said, ‘Dad they hate us’[Ha ha ha!]. I never expected that to happen in the 21st century,” he said.[Yes, pretending that opposition to Jewish behavior is somehow ‘primitive’ when in fact it is the Jewish behavior that is primitive!]

“There had been after the Holocaust a kind of taboo and that began to break. Within 24 hours of 9/11 people said it was ‘Mossad wot done it’.[It must suck not to control the free flow of information (internet), eh, kikes?]

“Then the anti-Semitism went viral and it became very worrying [Oy vey! They’re onto us! Qvik, feign outrage and innocence!!]. There started to be synagogue desecrations, cemetery desecrations and Jews attacked on the street. We had a rabbinical student who was on the top floor of a bus in Stamford Hill quietly studying [how “the best Gentiles must be killed”]the Talmud . Somebody stabbed him many times — he was lucky to live. The guy who was convicted said, ‘Israel is persecuting us so I decided I had to persecute him’.”[Am I supposed to feel sorry here for the Jews when one of the victims of their oppression and attempted genocide exacts revenge?]

Mark Gardiner, of the Community Security Trust, said that the number of attacks in January — 250 — was double the highest previous monthly total and the level had stayed well above average. Figures began to be compiled in 1984. “We have repeatedly seen a surge of anti-Semitic attacks every time there is turmoil in the Middle East[Then quit killing your fellow sand-mites, you stupid KIKE!],” Mr Gardiner said. “It’s a ridiculous situation that British Jews should feel vulnerable in relation to a conflict thousands of miles away.”[Oh FUCK YOU! you fucking KIKE! Here, once again, Jews pretend to be innocent of their own actions – Jews flooded Britain with mudslimes, Jews started killing mudslimes in their homelands, then Jews have the nerve to act surprised and hurt when one of their victims retaliates in the land (Britain) the Jews fucked by letting them in, in the first place! FUCK YOU KIKES! TO THE OVENS WITH  YOU!!!!]


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