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KKK drops fliers in coonstown, Jewsmedia gets panties in bunch

June 25, 2009

Published: June 25, 2009
Updated 2 hours ago

Local police say racist fliers on black homeowners’ doorsteps is protected speech, though “possibly” littering

A collection of black homeowners in a Tennessee town are upset and fearful after the Ku Klux Klan targeted their neighborhood with hate-filled fliers, dropped on their lawns in the dead of night.

The fliers, which call for whites to secure the future for “white, Christian children,” denounce interracial marriage and homosexuality, along with calling for an end to “white discrimination.”

Complaints to the police in Greeneville, Tennessee did not help. In an interview with local news channel WJHL, Greenville police officer Terry Webb said that the fliers, perceived by residents to be threatening in nature, “possibly” rise to the criminal level of littering. However, he claimed, it’s their First Amendment right to advertise racially-motivated hatred on a person’s doorstep.

“The Devil is busy and (the KKK) talk about being Christians, how can you say you’re a Christian displaying all this hatred,” homeowner Leroy Ripley told the station.

“Littering, are you kidding me?” jeered CNN’s Kyra Philips during a Thursday segment. “Here we are in 2009. We have a black president, gay leaders, successful interracial marriages. We have come a long way, folks. Still, in this country, you can spew hate, make innocent black residents fearful to come out their doors and all these punks get busted for is littering.”

Watch the video of Kyra (shiksa) getting all riled up over the audacity of these White people practicing their freedom of speech: source/Video


Responding To KKK Fliers, Residents Form Association

Residents of Greeneville’s Meadowlark subdivision have formed a neighborhood association in response to the recent discovery of Ku Klux Klan fliers on numerous lawns there.

LeRoy Ripley, who lives near the subdivision, said the discovery of Klan fliers in plastic bags that were strewn on neighborhood lawns earlier this month has raised safety concerns among residents.

Many of the neighborhood’s residents are African-Americans, according to Ripley.

He noted that one African-American woman resident, who works at night, has been so concerned that she has asked Greeneville police to escort her home each night when she gets off work.

In response, he said, a neighborhood association has been formed; its first meeting is scheduled for Thursday evening.

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  1. death to the white nationalists permalink

    it should be legal to kill white nationalists, the scums of humanity

    • kalki666 permalink

      the ‘scums’ of humanity? You sure be edjewmacated, boy!

      I have a better idea: Death to morons like you!

  2. irishwarlord permalink

    Every negro in America should be aware we Whites are not going to take what the Jews combined with our so called goverment is putting on us anymore.

  3. walt235 permalink

    Meanwhile 100 white women are raped a day by the subhumans and MANY other crimes happen every second. We need a race war!

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