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O’Reilly: Why Are Black Americans So Interested In Michael Jackson? His Kids And Face Were White!

July 7, 2009

Bill O’Reilly expressed shock today at a Pew study showing that African-Americans are far more interested in coverage of Michael Jackson’s death than white Americans.

O’REILLY: Black Americans are much more engaged in watching this stuff than white Americans, even though Michael Jackson has white children — and he chose to have white children — and the face deal, don’t even want to get into… So what’s that racial thing all about?


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  1. boggartblog permalink

    The fact is most white people don’t give a stuff about the colour of somebody’s skin but for most black people its the ONLY issue. If I’ve ever been asked about my race by a white person I just tell them one of my grandmas was from India and it’s fine, its a talking point. Black people want to know why I don’t identify myself as black or Asian.

    Simple, because although I loved my Ummi who absolutely doted on me when I was a little boy I loved my three English grandparents too. I was born in England, went to school in England, I’ve never been to India. I’m English.

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