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Swim Club Invites MudKids Back after Racism Allegations

July 13, 2009


Monday, July 13, 2009

CNN: A suburban Philadelphia swim club has invited children from a largely minority day-care center to come back after a June reversal that fueled allegations of racism against the club, a spokeswoman said Sunday.

Swimming privileges for about 65 children from Creative Steps were revoked after their first visit June 29. Some children said white members of the club made racist comments to the children, asking why “black children were there” and raising concerns that “they might steal from us.”
The development came during a hastily called Sunday afternoon meeting of the Valley Club in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. Club members voted overwhelmingly to try to work things out with the day-care center, which accused some swim club members of making racist comments to black and Hispanic children contracted to use the pool, said Bernice Duesler, the club director’s wife.

She said the club has been subpoenaed by the state Human Rights Commission, which has begun a fact-finding investigation, “and the legal advice was to try to get together with these camps, ” Duesler added.

The Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission launched an investigation last week after allegations of racism at the Valley Club. The commission said that as part of any investigation, the two sides eventually could be asked to sit down face-to-face with its investigators.


Ever see how blacks act when they’re in large groups? Extremely loud, uncivilized, physically boisterous/violent…etc…etc…not to mention that statistically they DO commit more crimes than Whites! So safety WAS a valid concern! Whatever happened to ‘freedom of association’? Isn’t that a Constitutional Right? Why are White people NOT ALLOWED to associate with other White people? Because Jews won’t let them. Death to the Jews!

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    Kalki 666…what you need to do is judge your own race. You are far from perfect. I laughed to myself when I volunteered at the preakness and saw how WHITE people behaved. Arriving there with loads of liquor for the purpose of getting pissy drunk, fighting, and then hurdling what was left of the unused cans into the crowd with the intention to hit people in the face. I did not see one single BLACK act as foolish as the whites did. I found it funny and said to myself…”those people” can never ever talk about how we act, ever! Every time I go to the movies or the mall it is the white children CURSING, being loud and acting as if they have not one lick of home training. Those in glass houses should never throw stones. STOP putting your white children on pedestals making them thing they are something special, they truly aren’t. These are the same children that I’ve seen SLAP the crap out of you in public humiliating you, something that would NEVER happen to a black parent because we will not allow it at any given point. These are the same children who blow you away in your sleep because they had a tantrum over something they could not have, these are the same children that turn into serial rapist and killers, these are the same children that go into schools and kill everyone and then kill themselves (COWARDS). Why because your race of people make them think this is their world and all rules apply to everyone but them. When they find out differently, they can’t handle it. You are not the majority, you never were. You know this; this is why you fear us, I LOVE that you fear us. Whites are the laziest, lying group of people I’ve ever seen. This is all so funny to me, you are bunch of losers, that have greatly contributed to this country being the way it is. You are so engulfed in your arrogance about race; you don’t even realize how fast your REAL enemies are closing in on you. There are bigger fish to fry. Grow up, focus and correct your own problems first before you begin to turn your nose up at someone.

  2. kalki666 permalink

    Yes, our race is not perfect – but it will be, while yours will simply cease to exist!
    As far as our children being undisciplined, that’s a result of the Jew-imposed laws that prevent law-abiding citizens from disciplining their children. That will be corrected as well.
    And I have NEVER seen a group of White kids act worse than a group of black kids – the difference is black and white!
    And yes, we are not the majority, we are the minority that has contributed everything worthwhile to the world, while your people, left to their own devices are perpetually starving/disease-ridden/fly-covered/hand outstretched to the White Man for help!
    And, no, I don’t fear you – if anything, I pity you, but mostly I am disgusted and repulsed by you. Wiping your genotype off the face of the earth will be an act of mercy, as well as a purification and beautification of the Planet!
    And if you don’t like how White people have contributed to this country, why don’t you leave and go back to your ancestral land where you can be among your own kind, free from the ‘evil’ influence of ‘YT’? Yeah, that’s what I thought – you’ll be staying right here where you can reap the benefits of White man’s ingenuity, yet you’ll constantly bitch and complain about the White man, instead of showing your gratitude. Well, that’s going to end.
    And your attempt at being threatening with ‘REAL enemies closing in on us’ is moot. We will wipe out all our enemies without having to fire a single gun shot – through genetically-engineered race-specific bio-weapons…you won’t even know the war has started…

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