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“It’s dead, bitch!” – Nigteen taunts animal activists after pleading guilty for killing kitten in oven

July 16, 2009
NigTeen Cheyenne Cherry, cat killer

Ugly NigTeen Cheyenne Cherry, cat killer

A heartless kitty killer hissed angrily at animal rights activists Wednesday, grinning widely as she took credit for stuffing the helpless pet into a 500-degree oven.

“It’s dead, bitch!” snapped an unrepentant Cheyenne Cherry, sticking her tongue out after a plea bargain that will put her behind bars for a year in the May 6 killing of tiny Tiger Lily.

Cherry, 17, was confronted after her guilty plea in Bronx Supreme Court to charges of animal cruelty and attempted burglary in the May 6 killing at her former roommate’s apartment.

Tiger Lily was left to die inside the blistering oven after Cherry and a 14-year-old friend trashed the apartment of Valerie Hernandez, destroying furniture before stealing DVDs and food.

After her arrest, Cherry told police the cat killing was “just a joke.”

Animal lover Sharon Tuerlings said she wanted to get a glimpse of the monster behind the cat execution. “It felt so good to look at her ugly face,” she said. “Those evil eyes that she has.”

Young Tiger Lily

Young Tiger Lily


A year in jail for this ugly, stupid NIGGER is NOT justice – they should beat the living SHIT out of her – knock out all her ugly NIGGER teeth! Break EVERY SINGLE bone in that ugly NIGGER body of hers! Then shove the remains in an oven! THAT would be justice! Besides, what would be better left alive in the world – a beautiful kitten or an ugly stupid demonic NIGGER? Exactly!

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  1. Boomby permalink

    you’re an insecure racist idiot who shouldn’t breed. Two wrongs don’t make a right….hypocrite.

  2. WTF!! permalink

    Someone should put that stupid nigger bitch in an oven!!! D=<
    (not racist, just furious)

  3. It's All Gone To Hell permalink

    The crime itself is shocking, but it says volumes about our society, our court system, and the running joke that is “justice” when this little criminal demon is allowed to gleefully (and obscenely) celebrate her crime IN THE COURTROOM, then openly mock members of the public who were horrified by the act, immediately after she received her plea deal.

    Her obnoxious, obscene celebration of the murder of this kitten, coupled with her insistence that it was all just “a joke,” shows very clearly that she’s not sorry for what she’s done.

    Why was this monster only given a year in jail? Not only is this crime disgusting, and not only does it show a cold disregard for life, but Cheyenne Cherry has a criminal history that includes convictions for a gunpoint robbery and a previous animal abduction.

    Where was the judge on this?

    I don’t advocate violence toward this monstrous little bitch, not the least because she’d be instantly made into a martyr by the likes of Al Sharpton. Harming her in that way accomplishes nothing. However, some people are writing to the judge to demand a harsher sentence for Cherry, and any effort that results in this filth spending more time in jail is an effort well worth making:

  4. lanq permalink

    while i see a animal life not so important it shows what a low view on value a life for a nigger has, niggers make a lot children without caring for them just for getting money.
    Niggers also sell their children in prostitution beat them to dead this nigger animal just act what its mongrel instincts are saying

  5. Nessa permalink

    That stupid ugly pice of shit nigger bitch should be burned in the oven. I’m upset at work thinking about poor helpless kitten Tigar Lilly. I’m soooo mad that I want to get my ass over to that ugly stupid nigger cat-killer and FUCK HER UP! After I’m going to fuck her up I’m doing to stabbed her throat with machete, rip open her stomach, cutting off each limb and shoved her ass into oven and burn her ass up!


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