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Only doing jobs Americans refuse to do, like stabbing & decapitation

October 12, 2010


Ve only come to make de better life, and to screw your daughters, Gringo!

Chandler police are investigating the bizarre case of a man who was stabbed, decapitated and left in a pool of blood in a central city apartment.

One man has been arrested and police are seeking three more suspects in what may the city’s first beheading.

Isn’t diversity great!?! Don’t you feel enriched? I know I do!

The man police arrested in the case, Crisantos Moroyoqui, 36, is an ‘undocumented immigrant’ i.e. illegal invader! who lived across the way from the murder scene.

Neighbors reported seeing candles burning in the apartment. The men also used a Ouija Board, also known as a spirit board, neighbors said.

Police would not comment Monday on whether they are looking into the possibility that the four men were practicing a ritual that involves decapitations. Please, you must share more of your rich cultural heritage with us culturally-deprived Whites!

“There is a reason why they did this to this guy. We just don’t know what it is yet.”

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