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Rachel Corrie’s murderer shows no remorse

October 23, 2010

He [the Jew who willfully murdered Rachel Corrie] couldn’t even recall the time of day Rachel was killed and claimed he did not realize when he knocked Rachel down and drove over her with his four-tonne Caterpillar bulldozer. Filthy lying piece of shit Jew! Watch the video footage from Rachel’s murder by the Israeli Defense Forces. Actual cockpit transmission from the (grinning!) D-9 bulldozer driver to the watch tower, saying he “hit an object” and “I think the object got hit by the dobby (D-9) and he is in a severe condition.” He is asked “Did you see him?” and responds “Yes I saw him, I think he is dead.”

Presumably, he also didn’t realize when he then backed up over her a second time crushing her body with his blade.

For Cindy Corrie, a retired music teacher from Olympia, Washington, that was the hardest part of the day: “Hearing the man who killed my daughter, without a shred of remorse in his voice, say he couldn’t remember when it happened.”

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