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Jewish Moral Deception, Free Speech, and the Israel Lobby

October 30, 2010

Dr. Kevin MacDonald discusses how moral universalism advanced by Jewish intellectuals is really a double standard: non-Jews are expected to embrace “universal” values, but Jews are not.

In what MacDonald sees as a group evolutionary strategy, what is good for Jews is framed as “beneficial for all.”

Loving universal values, citizens of Western countries tend to fall for this ruse, according to MacDonald, an evolutionary psychology professor.

Policies based on “universal” values include:

(1) mass immigration and multiculturalism for the United States and Europe, but not for Israel; and

(2) neoconservative justifications for wars waged by the US, but not Israel, against Israel’s enemies. These justifications include “freedom” and “democracy.”

Kevin MacDonald, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at California State University, Long Beach.

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