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As many as 90% of ‘Holocaust survivors’ may be frauds

November 14, 2010

By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Last week, 17 men were arrested in New York for defrauding Germany out of $42 million in payments to phony holocaust survivors.  Tens of thousands of American Jews had filed for pensions from Germany claiming to be concentration camp survivors.  All swore they had been in the camps, told stories about gas chambers, human skin lampshades and such but not a single one had been in a camp at all. The state of Israel claims to have, alive today, nearly one million holocaust survivors.

As many as 90% of these may well be, not only frauds but many could easily be former concentration camp guards themselves, far more likely than surviving death camps.  What better place to hide than Israel?

With numbers of camp survivors going up each year, we tend to forget we are talking about death camps.  There were few survivors and most of them died immediately after the war.  Those alive were found dying and couldn’t be saved, and most of them weren’t Jews but rather Russians, Gypsies, Communists, trade unionists and anti-Fascists.

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  1. Ricky permalink

    I talked to God the other day and God said purgatory is over for Germany, time to goto heaven.

    • kalki666 permalink

      You’re right! The world is coming to see Germany as the heroic savior of the White race and civilization and the bravery of what they did under Hitler – standing up and fighting the demonic plague (Jews) hell-bent on taking over/enslaving/eradicating the world/Aryan race!

  2. themadjewess permalink

    I talked to God, and he told me that Holocaust is coming to America and the people that will suffer the worst are the ones the deny the past.

    • kalki666 permalink

      You’re right, Holocaust is coming to America and the people that will suffer the worst are the ones that deny the past – the Jews!…who deny the greatest Holocaust in the history of the world – which was perpetrated by Jews! – Jewish Bolshevism/Communism murdered 66 MILLION innocent human beings in the Soviet gulags alone! (accdng2 A.Solzhenitsyn, nobel prize-winning author & survivor of the Jew-run gulags)

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