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Blacks – Mentally Retarded!

November 14, 2010

your average nig

(M)ore than twice as many black students are classified as ‘mentally retarded’ in spite of [Jew-bullshit] research demonstrating that the percentages of students from all groups are approximately the same at each intelligence level. [Jew lie]” The report adds, “The persistent over-classification of black male students as ‘mentally retarded’ reflects, at best, a lack of professional development in this area for teachers and other staff.” [Bullshit! It reflects racial reality!]

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  1. mike permalink

    Wow. Is there any group that you like? You seem to be filled with hate. From what I can tell you hate blacks, jews and people with special needs. Thank god you were born perfect. It would be terrible if you had to look in the mirror and hate yourself.

    • kalki666 permalink

      Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!

    • themadjewess permalink


      Really now, he is not filled with hate. Left wing Jews SUCK.

      Besides his own rant, black people are not smart.
      They already were better at sports, entertainment, (singing etc) but to actually claims that blacks are genius, and even semi-smart is just untruth.

      I would not want to have a black surgeon working on me, tyvm

  2. themadjewess permalink

    Well, looking at the blacks nowadays, this is about the only accurate post.

    • kalki666 permalink

      And your ‘handle’ is accurate too! You’re (Jews) all ‘mad’ – like rabid dogs! And you know what they do with rabid dogs!

  3. themadjewess permalink

    And your ‘handle’ is accurate too!

    Of course it is accurate, dumbbell. If YOU lived in a sanctuary city for years, you would be MAD too, dipshit.

    • kalki666 permalink

      ‘Sanctuary city’?…is that what they call mental asylums these days?

  4. Ordinary Guy permalink

    I would say that what is considered “mentally retarded” by White standards is normal intelligence for blacks. Here’s what I’m getting at. We would not call a dog mentally retarded because its intelligence level is far below that of a human. We accept its dog-level intelligence as normal. We don’t waste our time trying to teach a dog to read and write.

    So, the same way with negroes. They don’t have White intelligence and never will. We need to accept that. If we do accept that, we won’t waste time, money, and other resources trying to educate them to a White level. Let’s just return them to the jungle where they belong, and let them live the life that is appropriate for them.

    • kalki666 permalink

      You are right! But the problem is that we are forced (by Jews &their tools) to accept (&treat) these ‘dogs’ as our ‘equals’ – which they are not and never will be! – regardless of how much of our money we throw at them trying to make them perform at our level – they never will! The problem is the Jew. Once we get rid of the Jew, sanity will return.

      • Ordinary Guy permalink

        Agreed. The Jew and their tools are the true enemy. Negroes and mestizos are their attack dogs.

        Question, how do we remove the jews from power? They’ve used their holohoax myth to gain sympathy. They’ve used the heresy of dispensationalism to distort the Bible and gain the support of fake Christians.

        The jews are a truly dangerous opponent. My hope is that they push too far and destroy themselves. But will they destroy us in the process?

  5. themadjewess permalink

    ‘Sanctuary city’?…

    It is a city where Commies control the place and they allow all the illegals you can think of to come in with MY-your tax dollars. These fkers go to our schools and rape Americans- you dont know what a sanctuary city is because you are too focused on a MINORITY of Jews in power that are evil.
    Evil is in ALL people. Look at your header for example; ‘666’ satans mark.

    • kalki666 permalink

      Jews are responsible – COLLECTIVELY!

      And 666 is not evil – on the contrary – it is a sacred meditation mantra used to activate your mind’s eye – which is the 6th chakra – hence, 666!

      The demons who wrote ‘The Bible’ were hoping to deceive people from achieving ascendancy.

  6. themadjewess permalink

    And the rest of the hogwash here;

    ANYONE with a brain knows that blacks are not equal in brain power.
    As are not Mexicans. There are a lot of pretty dumb white people too, they voted for Obammy.

    As for the Jews, left wing Jewish rats are a bigger enemy of mine than yours.

  7. themadjewess permalink

    the 6th chakra – hence, 666!
    Is the number of the anti-Christ.

    “Jews are responsible collectively”

    Why didnt YOU as a white man stop the left wing Bolshevik Jews? Why did YOU allow them to act like demons in this nation? This nation took my nation, in which I am Indian, and we submitted our losses to the white man, and what did YOU do?
    NOTHING to protect the land God gave to Christians. So, you in turn blame this crap on me, a far right wing blogger?

    Looks to me like you have some guilt, thta you did NOTHING while these evil left wing Judenrats ravaged this land.

    • kalki666 permalink

      You must be what Jews call a ‘self-hating Jew’

      As far as stopping the Bolshevik Jews…remember Hitler? He prevented them from taking over the world and enslaving & exterminating the entire Aryan race!

  8. themadjewess permalink

    You must be what Jews call a ‘self-hating Jew’

    Nope, I am a Jew-TIAN. I have to be ‘self hating’ to hate the left wing ahole Jews? Are you kidding?? What right minded God fearing individual would like left wing Jews? Many, at least 70% are FOR FAG marriage———EW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, I know about Hitler. Besides going insane, I agree with his policy before 1931 against the Bolsheviks, UNFORTUNATELY, he let fkers like Soros/satan live and killed off the religious Jews who dont bother anyone.

    I support the PEOPLE of Israel, the govt there is terrible. Anyone with a brain knows how they treat their own people.

    Looks to me like there are plenty of Aryans around. But since you are such tough guys, why didnt you live up to your promise re. Obama- Aryans said that they would NEVER let a black man in the WH. WHY is he still there??

    • kalki666 permalink

      Obongo is the best thing that could have happened to the WN cause – he is energizing the entire White population of America to ‘take back their country’. The Tea Party is just the initial stirrings of a White racial awakening in America! The best is yet to come!

  9. themadjewess permalink

    While I 100% understand that you would hate the Jews, you really cannot rank us in all together.
    Not all of us like the left wing kikes, and that IS what they are. The worst possible name is not good enough.
    I know all too well the misery they bring on people, and the ONLY reason for that is, they dont stick to the bible.
    Which is why I am 100% PRO Christian.

    I was in show-business, and I sing very well. But I didnt tow the union party line of fascism and got turned down for MANY parts that I deserved.
    In fact, it was bolshevik Jews in name only that stood in to fk my singing career up- So, I have it in for them WORSE than you ever thought of hating them.

    So, I am a HATER against the left wing Judenrat, period.

    I dont blame you for not trusting these people. Anybody with “JEW” attached is not trust worthy.
    I am sorry for what my 1/2 fellow Jewish asholes have done to you.

    I dont know what else to say.

    I would have made my website another name, but I didnt want to lie to people. My sister lied to her now husband, who IS a skinhead. He does not know she is a 1/4 Jew… So, you see, even being a 1/4 and not saying so, would make me out to be a liar, which I am not.

    Anyway, I know you hate all Jews.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving anyway. And hopefully you can discern someday that we are just NOT all the same.

    • kalki666 permalink

      Nice try, but I know for a fact that you are a hive mind – a demonic collective that is so extremely cohesive it has to come up with phony ‘opposition’ front orgs to give the false impression that you are not a monolith – which you are!

    • Ordinary Guy permalink


      I personally don’t buy into racial hatred of jews. Unlike blacks, jews are intelligent, and can choose to reject the ideology of the hive. Paul and Peter were ethnically jewish, and were two of the greatest men in all human history.

      Most blacks are like dumb animals and can’t make a choice. They just follow their instincts. Therefore, there is no choice for us but to return them to the jungle.

      A jew does not have to be ruled by his DNA. He can make an intelligent choice for good. That is why I believe that hell will be worse for evil jews than for blacks. The Lord said that those who did not know their master’s laws will receive fewer stripes than those who did. Dumb blacks will be punished in hell, but they will not be held responsible to the degree of intelligent jews, who willingly, knowingly chose evil.

  10. kalki666 permalink

    Ordinary Guy,

    How do we remove the Jews from Power?


  11. themadjewess permalink


    I personally don’t buy into racial hatred of jews. Unlike blacks, jews are intelligent, and can choose to reject the ideology of the hive. Paul and Peter were ethnically jewish, and were two of the greatest men in all human history.

    ————Thx, I dont like to be thought of as evil, when I’m not. Its not my fault that my mother was born a Jew, so I was. I prefer going to church and being with my Christian friends, especially when I lived in NYC. The synagogues (of satan) in NYC are filled with Bolshevik brainwashing. Something that I was definitely NOT brought up with.

    Im only a Jew because I was born into it, and prefer not to lie. I believe in the New Testament and Jesus. 😀 Thanks ordinary guy for thinking of me as just another person that would rather choose evil over good.
    God Bless.

    BTW:Grow up Kalki

    • kalki666 permalink

      “…just another (Jew) that would rather choose evil over good.”

      True to your Jewish nature.

  12. themadjewess permalink

    Hmmm….really… OK, then I should assume that the few white trash blonde haired, blue eyed trailer park pigs are all the same, and you are one of them?

    OK, true to your Aryan whatever nature:

  13. themadjewess permalink

    So Michael Savage is evil, Mark Levin is evil, Dennis Prager, Malzberg, Horowitz, Who are they that YOU worship? the Jews against Zion? Eric Cantor, And an array of Jews exposing the bolsheviks.. Yes, they are all truly evil?
    You are a poor demented soul.

    Just white trash…how sad 😦 😦 So sorry for you. I bet your teeth are missing too? You probably nailed a few black women as well..
    Ah well… No wonder you are a mixed up breed.

    • kalki666 permalink

      The so-called ‘good’ jews (Savage, Stossel, etc…)are all fakes. Firstly, they are set up by the Jew cabal as pretend sympathizers to White people and their grievances – which are being inflicted on them by the Jew cabal. Secondly, they are ‘controlled opposition’. When the time comes, the Jews will also try to set up a fake ‘leader’ to mislead White people away from the true leader. Like they’re doing with Alex Jones – they’re hijacking the 911 Truth movement to mislead people away from the true perpetrators of the crime – Jews!, Jew rat!

      • themadjewess permalink

        Bullshit. Savage is not ‘controlled ops’ you are just sick in the head.

        I know you jackasses are race traitors and voted in Hussein.

        You will have a HARD time getting rid of ME, little man, I am one of the leader in our right wing movement where I live.

        so, what…are you going to try to shoot me, lets see you put your $$ where your mouth is- you have my IP, GET MOVING COME AND TRY TO KILL ME, YOU WILL DIE FIRST, GET IT?

        American hating, Christian hating LEFT WING RAT TRAITOR that voted in Obama, just as I thought.

  14. themadjewess permalink


  15. JewishWN permalink

    Kalki, There are a number of White nationalists of Jewish ancestry, I don’t understand why you see Jews as non-White, apart from the fact that most Jews are leftists.

    • kalki666 permalink

      Jewish-White is an oxymoron. Jews and Aryans are polar opposites!

  16. themadjewess permalink

    You so craaaaazy!

    Good that you know that shithead, at least we agree one that. Crazy people can do some really nutty things, so WATCH IT!!!!!!!

  17. themadjewess permalink

    Ah BS. White is white, when the blacks riot, they will go after my friend the Jewish WN- man boy, you is dumb.

  18. JewishWN permalink

    Not really, Kalki. I think you think that because most Jews are moronic assholes and try to destroy every civilization they are part of. They give a whole new meaning to “ingratitude”.

    I believe that WhiteEuropeans descend from the 10 northern tribes of Israel who were “lost”, and the Jews are from the 2 southern tribes of Benjamin and Judah. This means that BOTH Jews and White Europeans are God’s people.

    • kalki666 permalink

      Jews are the tribe of Dan: Genesis49:17 Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward.

  19. themadjewess permalink

    Not really, Kalki. I think you think that because most Jews are moronic assholes and try to destroy every civilization they are part of. They give a whole new meaning to “ingratitude”.

    Yeah, and we dont know how THAT is, JWN…
    This person thinks that ALL Jews are the same. Whaaaaaaatever.

    • kalki666 permalink

      “Jews are moronic assholes and try to destroy every civilization they are part of. They give a whole new meaning to “ingratitude”.”

      I agree 100%

  20. samone price permalink

    The one who posted this racist BULLSHIT article,need to check their IQ. You pork face swines are going to burn in HELLL!!!YOu All ARE LOSERS AND UNEMPLOYED. GET A FUCKIN LIFE.

    • kalki666 permalink

      Ha, Sambone! ‘Truf’ hurts, doesn’t it, jigaboo? LOL!

  21. permalink

    First, all you whites are leaving messages on a website obviously run by a white guy who worships the devil. A quick search to define “kalki can prove this). 2nd, I tested myself on one of your euro-centric “IQ” tests and scored 142 + I’M BLACK! Without any doubt, whites are responsible for all that ails the world. Most of you are in denial and find it easier to blame other races than to see that your own (those who have the money and the power) have sold you and your children! You better hope them Jews spare you (doubt it) all and put ya’ll in your own FEMA camp!

  22. koon killa permalink

    blacks are allways gonna be lower than white white is right take a stand join the klan white power!!!!!!

  23. pussygettah permalink

    yo my homies we all gonna go rape white wemon cuz we aint shit in the workforsel. plus we gonna go out n drank sum fowtys n smoke some ganja my niggazzzzz werd be up wit u n yo homies ya herd?

  24. cock block24 permalink

    I fucking hate the avarage nigga take a stand join the klan!

  25. niggah hattah 123 permalink

    i think it is perfectly ok for niggas to be segregated and or discriminated

  26. cock block24 permalink


  27. niggah hattah 123 permalink

    QUICK!!!! sombody git a watermelon. some fried chicken and waffles fast shaniqua is goin down!!!!

  28. cracker permalink

    man fuck all them fucking porch monkeys i hate a fucking nigger

  29. cock block24 permalink

    yes niggah hattah 123 i think its ok to have black animals kept away from our white world

    take a stand!!!

  30. cracker permalink

    fuck u niggas ill kill u bitchs

  31. cracker permalink

    theres 3 things in my life i hate kfc niggers and smelling them greasy fuckers damn they stink !!!!!

  32. ol dirty bastard permalink

    umm people cant we just talk about nice things that dont have to do with white and black biast messages i am black and im proud so fuck you white trash

  33. cracker permalink

    fuck school nigga ima be a dumb nigga……hahaha

  34. cracker permalink

    god damn my mom just called me and told me the power went out and she started to hear shit in the living room…….the power came on and the god damn tv and dvd and vcr was gone god damn niggers im gonna hang them in my back yard

  35. ol dirty bastard permalink

    Fuck you u dumb white trash you should be the one on the boat mutha fucker

  36. niggah hattah 123 permalink

    kill all dem good white folks!!!! nah i juss pikin i got me a nigga hangin up out front

  37. cracker permalink

    i got a nigger in my family tree

  38. ol dirty bastard permalink

    I started out liking white but black is gonna fuck the ass of white wemon and lil boys and girls all day long!!!!!
    and we fuvk the men in jail!!!

  39. cracker permalink

    hes hanging in the back yard high and dry

  40. cracker permalink

    hahahahahahah god damn niggers

  41. ol dirty bastard permalink

    fuck you white trash!!!!!

  42. ol dirty bastard permalink

    white divels

  43. cracker permalink

    niggers are queers niggers like it in the ears

  44. cracker permalink

    im getting off here….. peace niggas

  45. ol dirty bastard permalink

    boack power you should be the one on the boat

  46. kalki666 permalink

    ol dirty basturd is just pissed ‘coz that’s him in that retarded nigger pic!


  47. Stephanie permalink

    I’m just gonna say- I’d rather be around someone who hates everyone, than someone who only hates specific races/creeds. Hmmm?

    • kalki666 permalink

      That’s just stupid ‘logic’. If someone hates everyone, that would include all races & creeds, as well as you.
      Why would you want to be around a person who hates you?

  48. Karen permalink

    I hate all of you, black, jew and gentile. Animals are nobler, truer and more alive.

  49. Karen permalink

    With the blessing of Divine Grace you will kill each other off while hubby and I hunker down in our Mayberry town.

    • kalki666 permalink

      Ha! Mayberry is a thing of the past, thanks to the Jews. And Mayberry was White. If you hate everybody, including Whites, why would you want to live around Whites? And what about your hubby? Do you hate him too?

  50. Karen permalink

    Kalki, relax, I was being facetious in trying to make a point. Actually the town we live in is White with the exception of one black family who are market gardeners but agree that blacks in general are an uncivilized menace. Whites unfortunately have devolved and for that jewry is to blame and again, I’m generalizing as there are Whites who haven’t bought into the degeneracy foisted upon us and these people I love.

  51. Karen permalink

    Need to degeneracy I mean the distortion of Natural Values, not mere sexual mores.Hopefully we’re nearing the end of this cycle and out of the ferment of disintegration overseen by Jehovah, Allah and other demiurges of death the Sun will break through and shine.

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