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Jack Ruby (Rubenstein): “I did this (shot Oswald ) that they wouldn’t implicate Jews.”

December 15, 2010

In his book called “My Life as a Radical Lawyer,” (1994) written by big-time ’60s radical and Jew, William Kunstler relates that Rubenstein told him before dying:

“I did this that they wouldn’t implicate Jews.”

And right before Kuntsler leaves on his last visit, Rubenstein hands him a note that reiterated his motive. It read:

“Protect American Jews from a pogrom that could occur because of anger over the assassination.”


JFK was getting rid of the Federal Reserve (the privately owned (by Jews) bank that owns the printing presses that print the fiat currency (not backed by anything) from whom the American govt (&people) is forced to get its currency and pay interest on top of that!) , so they had him killed to install LBJ and put the Fed (i.e. International Jewry) back in charge.

That, and he tried to prevent Israel from obtaining nukes.

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