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Christianity = Satan’s counterfeit religion

August 27, 2011

Christianity is the Jews’ greatest creation. The Bible is a collection of plagiarized ancient “pagan” – i.e. Aryan – religious beliefs which the Jews gutted, perverted, and parasitically inserted themselves into as the heroes and ‘holy people’. All these ancient religious beliefs (Sumerian (Aryan), Egyptian (Aryan), Persian (Aryan), Hindu (Aryan), Norse (Aryan) etc…etc…) have a strong resonance with our collective subconscious and are thus a perfect vehicle for the Jew parasite to worm itself into our psyche and thus our society and then proceed to destroy it from within.

If you are a racially conscious White person then the fact that Jews wrote the Bible should be sufficient enough for you to discard Satan’s counterfeit religion!

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