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Be prepared for another FALSE-FLAG on 9/11/11 (possibly nuclear!)

September 8, 2011

Ever since the fake ‘assassination’ of bin Laden, the MSM has been hinting of attacks on the (10th) ‘anniversary’ (who has an anniversary of a tragedy?) of 9/11! Since then, the psych prep and ‘hinting’ has reached a fevered pitch! Such as this: (posted by a Jew) Could there be another 9/11? Complete with a countdown to 9/11/11!

Also, US military plans mass-casualty training exercise for 9/11 weekend!  Just like on 9/11/01!

Plus this: Threats Claim Nuclear Bombs Hidden All Over U.S.

Also this:‘Lots of chatter’ on jihadi websites ahead of 9/11.

Not to mention that: Iran plugs first nuclear power plant into grid.
The $1-billion, 1,000-megawatt Bushehr plant will be formally inaugurated on September 12
(from Reuters).

Israel wants to remain the only (nuclear) bully in the M-E and will not allow Iran to even have the potential to enter that club. Not to mention that the whole economy is disintegrating…

Israel (i.e. International Jewry) is insane enough to false-flag America (this time with nukes! and blame it on Iran) to get US to take out Iran for them.

Be prepared for the worst.

Stay safe!

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