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Be prepared for another FALSE-FLAG on 9/11/11 (possibly nuclear!)

September 8, 2011

Ever since the fake ‘assassination’ of bin Laden, the MSM has been hinting of attacks on the (10th) ‘anniversary’ (who has an anniversary of a tragedy?) of 9/11! Since then, the psych prep and ‘hinting’ has reached a fevered pitch! Such as this: (posted by a Jew) Could there be another 9/11? Complete with a countdown to 9/11/11!

Also, US military plans mass-casualty training exercise for 9/11 weekend!  Just like on 9/11/01!

Plus this: Threats Claim Nuclear Bombs Hidden All Over U.S.

Also this:‘Lots of chatter’ on jihadi websites ahead of 9/11.

Not to mention that: Iran plugs first nuclear power plant into grid.
The $1-billion, 1,000-megawatt Bushehr plant will be formally inaugurated on September 12
(from Reuters).

Israel wants to remain the only (nuclear) bully in the M-E and will not allow Iran to even have the potential to enter that club. Not to mention that the whole economy is disintegrating…

Israel (i.e. International Jewry) is insane enough to false-flag America (this time with nukes! and blame it on Iran) to get US to take out Iran for them.

Be prepared for the worst.

Stay safe!

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  1. The Israeli leader calteinry does not hate Iranians, we have many Iranians living in Israel, and they’re my friends and like family! Very sadly, I think most of us just want to live & let live, like you, me and all the regular people. I can reassure you, us and our leaders desperately want to live in peace with everyone and all our neighbors. Our leaders have always offered to make peace treaties and are eager to exchange info in agriculture, technology, medicine & environment for the greater good of us all. We did achieve peace treaties with Jordan, Egypt and Turkey, which til recently seemed quite strong.We worked together for the greater good of all our peoples. But very sadly Ray, I don’t know how much info you can get where you are, but there’s this thing called anti-semitisim, and there always seems to be at least one leader who wants to illogically wipe us all off the map, no matter how much kindness, goodness and peace treaties we offer.I so wish we all could change your leader’s mind, but he very publicly announces to the whole world he wants to bomb us with nuclear bombs and wipe us and our country off the map. He is being the aggressor, and openly so, for the whole world to see. We’d LOVE peace, we’d LOVE if he changed his mind. But he hasn’t & doesn’t look like he will. Our leaders have no choice but to try and defend our whole people and country from genocide.From what many experts say, if our leaders don’t try to take out the nuclear facilities, it may get to the point of your leader having the capability of following through with his threats to attack us and the US as well as others.What would you do?! Our country carefully & in a very pinpointed attack took out the nuclear reactor in Iraq years ago preventing such a tragedy (imagine if Saddam Hussein had that weapon!) And recently did a pinpoint attack on the nuclear weapons facility in Syria (imagine seeing how Assad is murdering his own people how he would’ve followed through threats on us as well, he’s working with your leader on all of this, and Achmedinjad supports him even through the horrible genocide happening right now.Our leaders feel pressure they must take out nuclear weapons capabilities now before it’s too late. Do they or we or any of us want them to? NOT AT ALL!!! We really don’t want to do this, it’s horrible, we want to live in peace without the increasing threat of genocide! But we’ve lived through Stalin, Hitler, Hussein, and too many others to not take these threats lightly.Our country is very careful to only pinpoint military targets that threaten us, and bend over backwards to avoid innocent civilian population centers. But this is why we’ve been having such a hard time with the war on terror, we’re so careful to avoid civilian casualties, but our enemies don’t care and purposely target innocent civilians and use their own as human shields. It’s not been a fair fight, and calteinry only started by the other side, we’re just on the defensive, we want peace!!!I truly hope & pray God will make miracles and no offensive or defensive war will take place on any side and we’ll only have world peace. Our hearts are totally with you, the innocent people, and want us all to live as brothers and sisters. I’m so glad you reach out and honestly share your thoughts. You should know we ALL don’t want war of any kind and are praying like crazy for peace and yours & our protection.

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