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History of AntiSemitism – Lesser Known Highlights of Jewish International Relations In The Common Era

September 18, 2011

History of AntiSemitism – Lesser Known Highlights of Jewish International Relations In The Common Era (an Abbreviated sampling)

250 C.E. Carthage Expulsion
224 C.E. Italy Forced Conversion
325 C.E. Jerusalem Expulsion
351 C.E Persia Book Burning
357 C.E. Italy Property Confiscation
379 C.E. Milan Synagogue Burning
415 C.E. Alexandria Expulsion
418 C.E. Minorca Forced Conversion
469 C.E. Ipahan Holocaust
489 C.E. Antioch Synagogue Burning
506 C.E. Daphne Synagogue Burning
519 C.E. Ravenna Synagogue Burning
554 C.E. Diocese of Clement (France) Expulsion
561 C.E. Diocese of Uzes (France) Expulsion
582 C.E Merovingia Forced Conversion
612 C.E. Visigoth Spain Expulsion
628 C.E. Byzantium Forced Conversion
629 C.E. Merovingia Forced Conversion
633 C.E. Toledo Forced Conversion
638 C.E. Toledo Stake Burnings
642 C.E. Visigothic Empire Expulsion
653 C.E. Toledo Expulsion
681 C.E. Spain Forced Conversion
693 C.E. Toledo Jews Enslaved
722 C.E. Byzantium Judaism Outlawed
855 C.E. Italy Expulsion
876 C.E. Sens Expulsion
897 C.E. Narbonne Land Confiscation
945 C.E. Venice Ban on Sea Travel
1009 C.E. Orleans Massacre
1012 C.E. Rouen, Limoges & Rome Massacre
1012 C.E. Mayence Expulsion
1021 C.E. Rome Jews Burned Alive
1063 C.E. Spain Massacre
1095 C.E. Lorraine Massacre
1096 C.E. Northern France & Germany 1/3 of Jewish Population Massacred
1096 C.E. Hungary Massacre
1096 C.E. Ralisbon Massacre
1099 C.E. Jerusalem Jews Burned Alive
1100 C.E. Kiev Pogrom
1140 C.E. Germany Massacres
1146 C.E. Rhine Valley Massacre
1147 C.E. Wurzburg Massacre
1147 C.E. Belitz (Germany) Jews Burned Alive
1147 C.E. Carenton, Ramenu & Sully (France) Massacres
1171 C.E. Blois Stake Burnings
1181 C.E. France Expulsion
1181 C.E. England Property Confiscation
1188 C.E. London & York Mob Attacks
1190 C.E. Norfolk Jews Burned Alive
1191 C.E. Bray (France) Jews Burned Alive
1195 C.E. France Property Confiscation
1209 C.E. Beziers Massacre
1212 C.E. Spain Rioting and blood bath against the Jews of Toledo.
1215 C.E. Rome Lateran Council of Rome decrees that Jews must wear the “badge of shame” in all Christian countries. Jews are denied all public sector employment, and are burdened with extra taxes.
1215 C.E. Toulouse (France) Mass Arrests
1218 C.E. England Jews Forced to Wear Badges
1231 C.E. Rome Inquisition Established
1236 C.E. France Forced Conversion/Massacre
1239 C.E. London Massacre & Property Confiscation
1240 C.E. Austria Property confiscation. Jews either imprisoned, converted, expelled, or burned.
1240 C.E. France Talmud Confiscated
1240 C.E. England Book Burning
1240 C.E. Spain Forced Conversion
1242 C.E. Paris Talmud Burned
1244 C.E. Oxford Mob Attacks
1255 C.E. England Blood “libel” in Lincoln results in the burning / torture of many Jews & public hangings.
1261 C.E. Canterbury Mob Attacks
1262 C.E. London Mob Attacks
1264 C.E. London Mob Attacks
1264 C.E. Germany Council of Vienna declares that all Jews must wear a “pointed dunce cap.” Thousands murdered.
1267 C.E. Vienna Jews Forced to Wear Horned Hats
1270 C.E. Weissenberg, Magdeburg, Arnstadt, Coblenz, Singzig, and Erfurt Jews Burned Alive
1270 C.E. England The “libel” of the “counterfeit coins” – all Jewish men, women and children in England imprisoned. Hundreds are hung.
1276 C.E. Bavaria Expulsion
1278 C.E. Genoa (Spain) Mob Attacks
1279 C.E. Hungary & Poland The Council of Offon denies Jews the right to all civic positions. The Jews of Hungary & Poland are forced to wear the “red badge of shame.”
1283 C.E. Mayence & Bacharach Mob Attacks
1285 C.E. Munich Jews Burned Alive
1290 C.E. England King Edward I issues an edict banishing all Jews from England. Many drowned.
1291 C.E. France The Jewish refugees from England are promptly expelled from France.
1292 C.E. Italy Forced conversions & expulsion of the Italian Jewish community.
1298 C.E. Germany The “libel” of the “Desecrated Host” is perpetrated against the Jews of Germany. Approximately 150 Jewish communities undergo forced conversion.
1298 C.E. Franconia, Bavaria & Austria Reindfel’s Decree is propagated against the Jews of Franconia and Bavarai. Riots against these Jewish communities, as well as those in Austria, result in the massacre of 100,000 Jews over a six-month period.
1306 C.E. France Expulsion
1308 C.E. Strasbourg Jews Burned Alive
1320 C.E. Toulouse & Perpigon 120 Communities Massacred & Talmud Burned
1321 C.E. Teruel Public Executions
1328 C.E. Estella 5,000 Jews Slaughtered
1348 C.E. France & Spain Jews Burned Alive
1348 C.E. Switzerland Expulsion
1349 C.E. Worms, Strasbourg, Oppenheim, Mayence, Erfurt, Bavaria & Swabia Jews Burned Alive
1349 C.E. Heilbronn (Germany) Expulsion
1349 C.E. Hungary Expulsion
1354 C.E. Castile (Spain) 12,000 Jews Slaughtered
1368 C.E. Toledo 8,000 Jews Slaughtered
1370 C.E. Majorca., Penignon & Barcelona Mob Attack
1377 C.E. Huesca (Spain) Jews Burned Alive
1380 C.E. Paris Mob Attack
1384 C.E. Nordlingen Mass Murder
1388 C.E. Strasbourg Expulsion
1389 C.E. Prague Mass Slaughter & Book Burning
1391 C.E. Castille, Toledo, Madrid, Seville, Cordova, Cuenca & Barcelona Forced Conversions & Mass Murder
1394 C.E. Germany Expulsion
1394 C.E. France Expulsion
1399 C.E. Posen (Poland) Jews Burned Alive
1400 C.E. Prague Stake Burnings
1407 C.E. Cracow Mob Attack
1415 C.E. Rome Talmud Confiscated
1422 C.E. Austria Jews Burned Alive
1422 C.E. Austria Expulsion
1424 C.E. Fribourg & Zurich Expulsion
1426 C.E. Cologne Expulsion
1431 C.E. Southern Germany Jews Burned Alive
1432 C.E. Savory Expulsion
1438 C.E. Mainz Expulsion
1439 C.E. Augsburg Expulsion
1449 C.E. Toledo Public Torture &. Burnings
1456 C.E. Bavaria Expulsion
1453 C.E. Franconia Expulsion
1453 C.E. Breslau Expulsion
1454 C.E. Wurzburg Expulsion
1463 C.E. Cracow Mob Attack
1473 C.E. Andalusia Mob Attack
1480 C.E. Venice Jews Burned Alive
1481 C.E. Seville Stake Burnings
1484 C.E. Cuidad Real, Guadalupe, Saragossa & Teruel Jews Burned Alive
1485 C.E. Vincenza (Italy) Expulsion
1486 C.E. Toledo Jews Burned Alive
1488 C.E. Toledo Stake Burnings
1490 C.E. Toledo Public Executions
1491 C.E. Astorga Public Torture & Execution
1492 C.E. Spain Expulsion
1495 C.E. Lithuania Expulsion
1497 C.E. Portugal Expulsion
1499 C.E. Germany Expulsion
1506 C.E. Lisbon Mob Attack
1510 C.E. Berlin Public Torture & Execution
1514 C.E. Strasbourg Expulsion
1519 C.E. Regensburg Expulsion
1539 C.E. Cracow & Portugal Stake Burnings
1540 C.E. Naples Expulsion
1542 C.E. Bohemia Expulsion
1550 C.E. Genoa Expulsion
1551 C.E. Bavaria Expulsion
1555 C.E. Pesaro Expulsion
1556 C.E. Sokhachev (Poland) Public Torture & Execution
1559 C.E. Austria Expulsion
1561 C.E. Prague Expulsion
1567 C.E. Wurzburg Expulsion
1569 C.E. Papal States Expulsion
1571 C.E. Brandenburg Expulsion
1582 C.E. Netherlands Expulsion
1593 C.E. Brunswick Expulsion
1597 C.E. Cremona, Pavia & Lodi Expulsion
1614 C.E. Frankfort Expulsion
1615 C.E. Worms Expulsion
1619 C.E. Kiev Expulsion
1635 C.E. Vilna Mob Attack
1637 C.E. Cracow Public Torture & Execution
1647 C.E. Lisbon Jews Burned Alive
1648 C.E. Poland 1/3 of Jewry Slaughtered
1649 C.E. Ukraine Expulsion
1649 C.E. Hamburg Expulsion
1652 C.E. Lisbon Stake Burnings
1654 C.E. Little Russia Expulsion
1656 C.E. Lithuania Expulsion
1660 C.E. Seville Jews Burned Alive
1663 C.E Cracow Public Torture &. Execution
1664 C.E. Lemberg Mob Attack
1669 C.E. Oran (North Africa) Expulsion
1670 C.E. Vienna Expulsion
1671 C.E. Minsk Mob Attacks
1681 C.E. Vilna Mob Attacks
1682 C.E. Cracow Mob Attacks
1687 C.E. Posen Mob Attacks
1712 C.E. Sandomir Expulsion
1727 C.E. Russia Expulsion
1738 C.E. Wurtemburg Expulsion
1740 C.E. Liule Russia Expulsion
1744 C.E Bohemia Expulsion
1744 C.E. Livonia Expulsion
1745 C.E. Moravia Expulsion
1753 C.E. Kovad (Lithuania) Expulsion
1757 C.E. Kamenetz Talmud Burning
1761 C.E. Bordeaux Expulsion
1768 C.E. Kiev 3,000 Jews Slaughtered
1772 C.E. Russia Expulsion
1775 C.E. Warsaw Expulsion
1789 C.E. Alsace Expulsion
1801 C.E. Bucharest Mob Attack
1804 C.E. Russian Villages Expulsion
1808 C.E. Russian Countryside Expulsion
1815 C.E. Lubeck & Bremen Expulsion
1820 C.E. Bremes Expulsion
1843 C.E. Austria & Prussia Expulsion
1850 C.E. New York City 500 People, Led by Police, Attacked & Wrecked Jewish Synagogue
1862 C.E. Area under General Grant’s Jurisdiction in the United States Expulsion
1866 C.E Galatz (Romania) Expulsion
1871 C.E. Odena Mob Attack
1887 C.E. Slovakia Mob Attacks
1897 C.E. Kantakuzenka (Russia) Mob Attacks
1898 C.E. Rennes (France) Mob Attack
1899 C.E. Nicholayev Mob Attack
1900 C.E. Konitz (Prussia) Mob Attack
1902 C.E. Poland Widespread Pogroms
1904 C.E. Manchuria, Kiev & Volhynia Widespread Pogroms
1905 C.E. Zhitomir (Yolhynia) Mob Attacks
1919 C.E Bavaria Expulsion
1915 C.E. Georgia (U.S.A.) Leo Frank Lynched
1919 C.E. Prague Wide Spread Pogroms
1920 C.E. Munich & Breslau Mob Attacks
1922 C.E. Boston, MA Lawrence Lowell, President of Harvard, calls for Quota Restrictions on Jewish Admission
1926 C.E. Uzbekistan Pogrom
1928 C.E. Hungary Widespread Anti-Semitic Riots on University Campuses
1929 C.E. Lemberg (Poland) Mob Attacks
1930 C.E. Berlin Mob Attack
1933 C.E. Bucharest Mob Attacks
1938-45 C.E. Europe Holocaust

In his book, “L’antisémitisme son histoire et ses causes,” published
in 1894, noted Jewish author, Bernard Lazare, stated the following
with regard to these expulsions of Jews:

“If this hostility, even aversion, had only been shown towards the
Jews at one period and in one country, it would be easy to unravel the
limited causes of this anger, but this race has been on the contrary
an object of hatred to all the peoples among whom it has established
itself. It must be therefore, since the enemies of the Jews belonged
to the most diverse races, since they lived in countries very distant
from each other, since they were ruled by very different laws,
governed by opposite principles, since they had neither the same
morals, nor the same customs, since they were animated by unlike
dispositions which did not permit them to judge of anything in the
same way, it must be therefore that the general cause of anti-Semitism
has always resided in Israel itself and not in those who have fought
against Israel.”

Professor Jesse H. Holmes, writing in, “The American Hebrew,”
expressed the following similar sentiments,

“It can hardly be an accident that antagonism directed against the
Jews is to be found pretty much everywhere in the world where Jews and
non-Jews are associated. And as the Jews are the common element of the
situation it would seem probable, on the face of it, that the cause
will be found in them, rather than in the widely varying groups which
feel this antagonism.”


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  1. hoff2 permalink

    Hi, l have 100 books in full text about the jews:

    jeWise wordpress com

    My new blog, updated daily:

    Hofflandia com

    • kalki666 permalink

      I visited your blog! Great stuff! Also, great resources on the Jew scourge!

  2. Leonardo permalink

    On January 11th 2004, Limerick should have celebrated the 100th anniversary of Fr. John Creagh’s first sermon against the Jewish moneylenders in Limerick. On Monday the 11/1/1904 at 7.55 p.m., in Mount St. Alphonus church, he preached his sermon to the men’s Confraternity. As was usual, the church was full to capacity. He told the men that, as Christians, they were to love all men, even their enemies. He then reminded them, as the popes had reminded their people done down through the centuries, the type of people Talmudic Jews were. He informed them what Peter & Paul had said about them in the New Testament. He stated the fact that, Talmudic Judaism was the greatest enemy of the Church of Jesus Christ. He informed them that, these people were in league with every other enemy of Christ & His Church, mentioning Freemasonry and the Republican Government in France as two examples.

  3. Leonardo permalink

    His main indictment was against Jewish trading methods, especially the instalment systems and moneylending. Local historian, Des Ryan, in a Two-Part article for the Limerick Journal, a few years ago, gave a biased view of what happened in Limerick after Fr. Creagh’s sermon. The problem with people like Des Ryan & CO is their ignorance of the mindset of Talmudic Jews towards non-Jews. Without knowledge of the teachings of the Jewish Talmud, non-Jews foolishly think that Talmudic Jews are “nice” people. The Talmudic Jew is “nice” as long as he is getting his way, but the minute the non-Jew irritates him, then his true nature comes to the fore.
    I too was ignorant of the teachings of the Jewish Talmud. It took me 30 years to finally understand what was the true argument between Jesus of Nazareth & the scribes & the Pharisees. When I read Matthew 15:1-20; 23:1-39; & John 8:34-44, I did not fully understand the extent of their vile teachings towards non-Jews, & sad to say, the Christian Church today remains ignorant of the contents of the Jewish Talmud. If Fr. John Creagh had had tractates of the Jewish Talmud before him on the night he prepared his sermon, & quoted from them, the Jews of Limerick would indeed have had a pogrom. When one looks at what they do to the Palestinian people today in Palestine, non-Jews should remember that these Jews are fulfilling the teachings found in the Jewish Talmud. Likewise, the Muslims in Iraq, Sudan etc. who kill the non-Muslim if he fails to “convert” or is found preaching other than Islam. It is important that we, who call ourselves Christians, should understand what the Talmud & the Quran teaches. You cannot base your understanding of Talmudic Judaism & Quranic Islam on, “nice” Jews & Muslims. What we need to do is study the Talmud & the Quran. Whether we like it or not, these two religions are going to be the cause of World War III.

  4. Leonardo permalink


    The Universal Jewish Encyclopaedia states:

    “The Jewish religion as it is today traces its decent without break, through the centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single piece of that literature…
    and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of PHARISAISM.
    Henceforth, Jewish life was regulated by the Pharisees; the whole history of Judaism was reconstructed from the Pharisaic point of view. Pharisaism shaped the character of Judaism and the life and thought of the Jew for all the future.”


    “Beware of the leaven (teachings) of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.”

    Luke 12:1 (see also Matthew 15:1-20; 23:1-39; John 8:44).


    Is it the religion of the ancient Israelites, whose prophets foretold so vividly the Coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ? Is it the religion that Jesus Christ upheld and defended during His life on earth? Is it indeed the religion we see in the pages of the Old Testament?
    Let us see what the Jews say about their religion.
    Rabbi Bokser writes:
    “This is not an uncommon impression and one finds it sometimes among Jews and Christians – that Judaism is the religion of the Hebrew Bible. It is of course a fallacious impression.
    He again contends:

    “Judaism is NOT the religion of the Bible.”

  5. Leonardo permalink

    Well, there you have it. What Fr. John Creagh attempted to do 100 years ago in Limerick, IRELAND, honest people around the world today are doing! What is that, you might ask? It is exposing a human parasite that feeds off unsuspecting victims, who foolishly think that he is a “nice” person. For hundreds of years, the popes of Rome warned their people of the depraved mentality of Talmudic Judaism. Those who listened, were protected from Jews who demanded their “pound of flesh”, when ever their victim defaulted on a loan. Many people in Limerick, foolishly ignored this papal advice and had to pay their “pound of flesh” to Limerick’s loansharks in 1904.
    In his book, “Jews in Twentieth-Century Ireland” Professor Dermot Keogh fails to quote any text from the Jewish Talmud. It is vital in attempting to understand why Jews are hated, to seek out any traits in their make-up that might contribute to making them unlikeable. Anyone who has “suffered” the study of the Jewish Talmud, will “scream” out, “The teachings found in the Jewish Talmud towards non-Jews is tantamount to racism.” Only a very few non-Jewish people have ever took the time and effort to study the Jewish Talmud. The consequences of this ignorance has infected the Western world with Talmudic judicial systems, monetary systems, & a set of morals that would make Sodom blush with shame. I would like to attempt to illustrate the danger to Christian civilisation from Talmudic Judaism by telling the stories of two frogs.


    A man attempted to boil a frog in boiling water, but every time he put the frog in, he jumped out straight away. A Jew came along & sized up the situation. “Put him into cold water, place him on the cooker & turn the heat up by one or two degrees at a time.” The man did this & the frog allowed himself to be boiled alive.”


    “A scorpion wanted to cross a river but had no means of getting to the other side.
    A frog came along & the scorpion begged him to carry him across on his back. The frog said, “When I have brought you to the other side, you will sting me & I will die.” The scorpion said, “I give you my word that, I will not sting you.” When they got to the other side, the scorpion stung the frog, & as he lay dying he croaked out these dying words, “But you promised not to sting me.” The scorpion smiled at the dying frog & said, “But it’s my nature to sting.”

    It’s the nature of Talmudic Jews to lie & steal & cheat, fast one day & go back to their ways the next day.

    • kalki666 permalink

      Yes, the Jew is definitely the scorpion and the trusting ‘goy’ the frog. I have made this connection myself.

      Jeremiah 13:23 Can an Ethiopian change the color of his skin? Can a leopard take away its spots? Neither can you [Jews] start doing good, for you have always done evil.

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