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Filthy Nigger Savages spit on and punch out mentally challenged White woman!

October 13, 2011

You can bet your ass you won’t see this on the Jew-controlled mass media! Now imagine if the races were switched and it was White guys attacking a mentally challenged black woman – we’d never hear the end of it!  The truth is, Jews black out Black-on-White crime because they condone  this behavior! To the ovens with them!

Here’s the original link (for when JewTube takes it down)

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  1. Flanders permalink

    I see that the censors have made it to your video, but is this other one about the same incident? How do the reports compare?

    • kalki666 permalink

      Yes, it’s about the same incident, but the vid I posted was the much longer raw vid and it is much more apalling! They cut out several minutes worth of the niggers taunting, mocking, and laughing about the whole thing. Also notice how they inserted a ‘compassionate’ negro in the report to give the (false) impression that ‘all negros are not like that – on the coantrary! – they are all angels and this is just an anomaly! ‘ Also, I’m sure this received zero nationwide coverage (which it would have if the races were reversed) save for that brief local report – which they only did because the vid went viral! Which is what the kikes are doing nowadays in order to give the (false) impression that the MS-media is legit. ‘Too many people are talking about this so we better throw them a bone or else they’ll start questioning why they never see Black-on-White crime reported in the MSM when they see it all the time on the net!’

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