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JFK vs. the Jews

October 14, 2011
Actually, Israel owns us. It explains everything. – Mistek

Yep. Organized Jewry, as personified in AIPAC has exercised effective control of the US government since November 22, 1963. They gained control by way of a 55 year struggle that began when they got their Federal Reserve System and its funding apparatus, The Internal Revenue Service in 1913. It culminated with their murder of the only President since Taft who opposed them, and his brother, who was also their mortal enemy.

A lot of big stuff happened in 1963, that virtually no one is aware of today. First, a little background:
John F. Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, were sons of Joseph P. Kennedy, who was known as an “Anti-semite” of the first rank. The patriarch did everything in his power to prevent our involvement in World War II, while serving as ambassador to Great Britain. His two older surviving sons did not fall far from the tree. In 1945, a few months after the end of the war, while traveling in Europe, JFK worte in his diary:

“After visiting these places, you can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. He had boundless ambition for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.”

Two years after writing this, JFK was in Congress. Eight years later he was a Senator, and 16 years later, President.

Look now at the fateful year: In June, 1963, JFK sent a letter to Israeli PM, David ben Gurion, demanding to be shown, “Beyond any reasonable doubt” that Isreal did not have a nuclear weapons program. He further demanded that the US be allowed to frequently inspect their nuclear facilities. To buy some time, ben Gurion resigned as PM, knowing that it would take some time for a successor to get settled in, and that JFK would not immediately start tightening the screws on the new PM.

In that same month of June, 1963, Robert F. Kennedy, as Attorney General, notified the American Zionist Council, the predecessor of AIPAC, his patience was wearing thin at their failure to register as an agent of a foreign government, as he had ordered them to do some six months earlier. This was a direct attack on Jew power in America, and was treated as such by the chosen. They field a raft of legal objections, and rallied all their support for the fight, which continued all summer, into the fall. Finally, in October, the Justice Department sent AZC a letter, giving them 72 hours to register, or face criminal charges. The Jew lawyers got busy during the 72 hours and produced another load of objections.

That same summer, Senator Fulbright was holding Senate hearings on AZC and its connection to the Israeli government. At the same time, AIPAC was formed, to be waiting in the wings to replace AZC.

Criminal charges of failing to register as a foreign agent against AZC were probably only days away, when JFK rode through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, and the rest is history. Lyndon Johnson’s Jew Attorney General, Katzenbach, dropped all proceedings against AZC. Johnson multiplied US aid to the bandit state many times over, and granted AIPAC retroactive tax exempt status in 1968. No sitting President has mentioned Israel’s nuclear program since.

In 1968 Big Jewry faced the unpleasant prospect of seeing a man they had called a vicious anti-semite ever since his early days of ferreting out Jew communists as Senator Joe MCCarthy’s Counsel, Robert F. Kennedy, sitting in the chair his brother once occupied. They knew that AIPAC would be destroyed by RFK, and that he would leave no stone unturned in bringing his brother’s killers to justice. They found a mentally unstable Arab, Sirhan, who did their dirty work in the ambassador Hotel in June, 1968.

Jewish control of the American government was consolidated that night, and it remains firmly in place today. And that’s the way it was……

That’s why I say that if Ron Paul loomed as a real threat to win the next election, his life wouldn’t be worth a plugged nickel.

posted by Edmund Ruffin on WhiteNewsNow

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