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It’s Coming, Kikes!

October 28, 2011

A hanging (Jew) bankster

Yes, That’s a Banker Hanging From a Phone Line Along I-95

For the past week, graffiti artist Above has been working on a giant, attention-grabbing mural in Wynwood next to the I-95 northbound lanes as part of Primary Flight. It reads in block letters: “Give a Wall Street banker enough rope and he will hang himself.”

Today the artist added the cherry on top: a mannequin, dressed as a banker with a sack over his head, swinging from a noose.

We asked Above to send us a photo as soon as the suicidal fat cat was hung. (source)

First in effigy, then for real! Get ready kikes! A Jew swinging from every pole!

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  1. themadjewess permalink

    ‘A Jew swinging from every pole!’

    Well, whatcha waiting on? You can see my ip, when are you coming to kill me???

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