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Why Christianity has to die with the Jew

December 4, 2011

The Jews/Hebrews wrote the Bible by plagiarizing all our ancient Aryan religions, such as Sumerian (Tower of Babel, Noah’s Ark, Garden of Eden, ‘eye for an eye’, 10 Commandments is really Hammurabbi’s Code, etc…etc… –  ALL Sumerian in origin, in existence for THOUSANDS of years before the Jews wrote the Bible), Egyptian, Babylonian, Hindu, Persian, Wicca, Norse, etc…etc…

They stole all these ancient stories because they are very strong archetypes which are deeply rooted in our collective subconscious. So they resonate with us, strike a chord. Now, the Jews parasitically inserted themselves into our psyche and society by wrapping themselves in these stories. This is how the demon-parasites got our people to swallow them being ‘God’s Chosen People’/’The people of the book’. This is what allows them to fester and infect us from within – for millenia now!

Whenever there arises a backlash to Jewish perfidy, the greatest opposition to ‘the persecution of the Jews’ always comes from people who have swallowed the Jew-created sugar-coated poison pill of Christianity.

It is for this reason that Christianity (Satan’s Counterfeit Religion) has to die with the Jew. (Not to mention that they’ve deceived us into worshiping their demon-god/Satan as ‘God’)

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  1. Sindri Geir Óskarsson permalink

    Jehovah is Satan? Jehovah isn’t the name of the christian or jewish god, since jews didn’t dare to say the name YHWH, they combined it with the words adonai and elohim, which basically mean “god”, so that the reader of scripture would see the word YHWH but read elohim or adonai outloud. Some later generations of jews forgot this and in translation they came up with the name Jehovah.

    “Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Hindu, Persian, Wicca, Norse, etc…etc…”

    Sure, Sumerian and Babylonian religions had influence on the jews, but as we see from the Ras Shamrah tablets it was mainly the old Kanaanite pantheon which affected the development of judaism. Wicca and Norse religions don’t develop until much later, and if you read the original norse text, which I have done ( I’m icelandic), you see how much they are affected my christianity and greek philosophy and religion.

    Christianity is the result of syncretism, it took the “best” from the most popular religions of that time and made a “super religion”, it is as related to judaism as it is to stoicism and Mithra worship. No one stoly anyhing is was natural for religions to blend and the babylonina, egyptian and sumerian religions blended alot

    • kalki666 permalink

      You’re wrong about everything. You’re writing a bunch of bullshit and I don’t even feel like responding to your crap because you cannot be reasoned with and you’ll just make up excuses for your bullshit beliefs.

      from Strong’s Hebrew dictionary:

      3068 Yhovah yeh-ho-vaw’
      from 1961; (the) self-Existent or Eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God:–Jehovah, the Lord. Compare 3050, 3069.

      And that’s as far as I’ll go. You can’t be reasoned with.

      • Sindri Geir Óskarsson permalink

        I’m studying hebrew and the history of religions in the University of Iceland. I’m not trying to defend any particular religion, in my opinion most of them are basically the same. You should know that the Babylonians were not aryans, they were semites, just like Jews. Abraham lived in the city of Ur in Mesopotamia until he moved to Palestine/Canaanland. The Sumerian were possibly aryan but it is impossible to find out their origin.

        And again I tell you, Yehovah is used as the name of YHWH but since they didn’t dare to read the holy name out loud the combined it with adonai, lord. Yehovah is not the original name of the god YHWH.

      • kalki666 permalink

        “The Sumerians were Aryans in physique, culture, religion, language, and writing.” See

        And the Babylonians were in fact Aryans (! Even the term Semite was used to describe the Aryans living in the early Mesopotamian civilizations. Jews shouldn’t even be called Jews because the original Jews were Aryan people living in Judea. Really, Jews should only be called Hebrews, which derives from Habiru, meaning thief, bandit, outcast! The Jews are impostors! They take on the identities of their host peoples! Why do most Jews have European names? They’re not European! The Jews’ history doesn’t go past 6000 years! When the Sumerian (Aryan) civilization is at least 10,000 years old!

        Hebrew is just a corruption of Sanskrit – the original (Aryan) language from which all European languages derive.

        Abraham is a Jewish fictional character – he never existed! His name is an anagram of Brahma. See

        The name of the Hebrew God, represented in Hebrew by the tetragrammaton (“four letters”) יהוה (Yod Heh Vav Heh), transliterated into Roman script Y H W H. The name was originally derived from the old Semitic root הוה (hawah).

        YHWH roots from Yah (H3050) and Hawah (H1942), it means “God of wickedness”

        Later it became ‘Jehovah’. Same shit.

      • Sindri Geir Óskarsson permalink

        Dear Kalki, thank you for this answer, now I’ve got some reading material for the holidays :), have you looked into the likeness between YHWH and YW or Yamm, the canaanite seamonster? Is YHWH the Leviathan( seamonster) from the Bible.

  2. Larry Silverstein permalink

    As Hitler’s armies faced more and more setbacks, he asked his astrologer, “Am I going to lose the war?”
    “Yes,” the astrologer said.
    “Then, am I going to die?” Hitler asked.
    “When am I going to die?”
    “On a Jewish holiday.”
    “But on what holiday?”
    “Any day you die will be a Jewish holiday.”

    Goebbels was touring German schools. At one, he asked the students to call out patriotic slogans.
    “Heil Hitler,” shouted one child.
    “Very good,” said Goebbels.
    “Deutschland uber alles,” another called out.
    “Excellent. How about a stronger slogan?”
    A hand shot up, and Goebbels nodded.
    “Our people shall live forever,” the little boy said.
    “Wonderful,” exclaimed Goebbels. “What is your name, young man?”
    “Israel Goldberg.”

    During WWII, A Jewish father taught his son how to say grace before meals. “Today in Germany the proper form of grace is ‘Thank God and Hitler.'”
    “But suppose the Fuhrer dies?” asked the boy.
    “Then you just thank God.”

    • kalki666 permalink

      I have a couple jokes for you, heeb…

      What’s the difference between a Jew and a pizza? The pizza doesn’t scream when you shove it into the oven!

      What did Hitler say to Mussolini’s unexpected visit? If I knew you were coming I would have baked a kike!

      Why did the Jews wander in the desert for 40 yrs? Someone dropped a penny.

      But on a serious note, Jews are destined for extinction, and you know it. Which is why you’re always prattling on, ‘Never Again!’ – that’s because you know another Holocaust is coming. Why? Because ‘anti-semitism’ is a reaction to the vile ‘semitism.’ Yet, you Jews insist on being Evil, and instead hope to change our behavior – prevent us from turning on you for your vile behavior! Not only does that belie your true Evil nature, it also proves you’re insane – repeating the same actions yet expecting different results – that’s the definition of insanity!

  3. kalki666 permalink

    Check this out:,.htm

    They came to the same conclusion as I – that YHWH is the Leviathan of the Bible –

    Thanks for pointing this out to me! Have a Happy Holidays! 🙂

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