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Gentile = Goy

December 8, 2011

Jews overseeing their Gentile/Goy workers

A Gentile is a non-Jew, the term being a common English translation of the Hebrew word goy.  –

And this, from a Catholic source:


(Hebrew Gôyîm; Greek ethne, ethnikoi, Hellenes; Vulgate Gentes, Gentiles, Graeci).

“A word of Latin origin and usually employed in the plural. In the English versions of both Testaments it collectively designates the nations distinct from the Jewish people. The basis of this distinction is that, as descendants of Abraham, the Jews considered themselves, and were in fact, before the coming of Christ, the chosen people of God. As the non-Jewish nations did not worship the true God and generally indulged in immoral practices, the term Gôyîm “Gentiles” has often times in the Sacred Writings, in the Talmud, etc., a disparaging meaning.”

If you are a White person and a believer in the Jewish shit called ‘Christianity’ than you are acceding to being called a ‘gentile’ which is synonymous with ‘goyim’ – which means beast, or cattle! Reject Satan’s Counterfeit Religion (Christianity) and flush that vile book (the Bible) down the toilet where it belongs!

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  1. Sindri Geir Óskarsson permalink

    I’m really interested to knowing if you are religious?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    “Reject Satan’s counterfeit religion.”

    So Satan exists, but Christianity is a lie?

    I think it should read, “Reject Christianity and it’s Semitic roots.”

    • kalki666 permalink

      “So Satan exists, but Christianity is a lie?”

      Yes. Satan (Yahweh) deceived the world into worshiping him as ‘God’ and he accomplished it with the Bible – which was written by his demonic agents here on Earth – the Jews.

      “Reject Christianity and it’s Semitic roots.” is valid also.

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