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Christian sheeple

December 25, 2011

It boggles the mind how some supposedly “Jew-wise” White people will get down on their knees for the “Godof the Jews and pray to the Jew-created (for Goy control) fictional Jewish “Messiah” to “save” them! It’s laughable, in a sad way.

Your typical Christians - down on their knees for their Jew 'god'

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Watch Louis Theroux documentary on Israel.

    In the documentary, the so-called Chosen People have Christians imported from the United States working for them in their vinyards (in the wine making process).

    The Christians in the film are so delusional.

    And when Louis asks if he can help with the fermenting process the Jew says “no you may not, you may only work in the fields”

    And Louis asks, “Is it because I’m not one of the Chosen? Or unclean?”

    And the Jew is reluctant to answer.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Marcus Eli Ravage, an American jew confesses about his people’s subversiveness and the role that Christianity has played in advancing their interests:

    A Real Case Against the Jews
    The Jew: Commissary to the Gentiles

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