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January 13, 2012

I started getting suspicious of ‘Incogman’ when he kept telling people to shut up about any talk regarding Ron Paul being ‘controlled opposition’, i.e. a tool of the Jew – which is what he is (See this and this).

And when I posted this about David Duke, he accused me of being a ‘Hasbarat’! A typical Jewish tactic. –>

Kalki says:

Someone left a comment on this (Duke’s) vid stating, You know, there’s something funny about this Duke character. How come all the White Nationalist’s accounts got deleted, except the ‘most notorious WN’ of them all and that Christian Rabbi Nathanael? And how come Duke got released so early? And why are his vids so sleek & professionally edited?

Of course, that comment got promptly deleted.

I also commented how I asked Duke personally to tell me about the Jewish control of the political process when he was in the House of Reps and he evaded the question and instead told me the political system was legitimate.

My comment also got deleted (by Duke).

In all likelihood, Duke is working for them as controlled opposition. The info is still good, but I wouldn’t go as far as supporting him directly or financially, because then they’ve got you on the top of their list as ‘opposition’ and they label you a TERRORIST and you’ll be first in line to the FEMA camps.

Here’s IncogRAT’s response:


Oh yeah, Duke is bona fide. Any talk of him not being a pro-White makes me suspect the commentator is a hasbaRAT.

How would he know Duke is ‘bona fide’ ? Does he work for the FBI and knows for a fact that Duke is not on their payroll? How could he state that with such certainty? But his phrase, ‘Any talk of him…’ is a giveaway. Incogjew doesn’t want people talking about Duke possibly not being 100% legit (& instead being ‘controlled opposition’ on the payroll of the Gov/kikes) just like he doesn’t want people talking about Ron Paul being ‘controlled opposition’ and a tool of the Jew:


I don’t think so. Let’s not read too much into it. Ron Paul CANNOT name the Jew and get anywhere. We have to put the effort into him. Chances are, it’s a moot point since the Jews won’t let him get to real power. That being the case, what they do to him may just awaken others. Put a cork into Ron Paul being a Jew tool.

And again,


We have to know what battles to fight and when.

Take a page from Sun Tzu.

We know the Jews don’t want Paul to get anywhere. That’s enough for me right there. Hell, you should embed yourself in Ron Paul stuff and stay quiet about the Jew talk.

Of course I confronted him about it:

Kalki says:


December 22, 2011 at 12:27 am

We have to know what battles to fight and when.

Take a page from Sun Tzu.

We know the Jews don’t want Paul to get anywhere. That’s enough for me right there. Hell, you should embed yourself in Ron Paul stuff and stay quiet about the Jew talk.

and stay quiet about the Jew talk.!?

That’s mighty suspicious talk, there, Incog. And this is the second time you said that. Would you care to explain?

And, of course he never explained himself.

Kalki says:


You’re still not giving me a straight answer.

Why would you not want people to say that Ron Paul is ‘controlled opposition’ (you deleted that post) or that he is a tool of the Jew (you said, ‘put a cork in it, keep quiet’ on that subject), when the evidence points in that direction? Seems like you have an agenda there, bud!

What is your agenda?

His response? A non-answer. Typically slimy jewish beating around the bush without answering the question posed:


My agenda is purely waking up White Americans. Check out this Zio whore hit piece on Ron Paul. Wolf Blitzer is a giant Jew traitor, who once worked for AIPAC. These Jews are crapping their pants that Paul might just win Iowa.

Have you not had enough of these lousy Jews in the media?

If your agenda is ‘purely waking up White Americans’ then why would you not want people to talk about Ron Paul being ‘controlled opposition’ (Incogjew deleted that post) or that he is a tool of the Jew (Incogjew said, ‘put a cork in it, keep quiet’ on that subject), when the evidence points in that direction?

And the answer is that the kikes/ZOG/FBI, etc… don’t want their tools exposed as being controlled by them as that would ruin the whole operation.

But then, Incogman’s exposure as a RAT became more complete. Here, I’ll just let you read some of the comments from my Ron Paul the great big False Hope post. Make sure you read the last one (by WHITE PATRIOT)!:

  • Karen Says: January 7, 2012 at 9:32 am | Reply   editGay marriage is just another diversion and it doesn’t matter who you vote for eeny meeny miney mo the system is judaized and corrupt and not just the political system, all of it, right to its’ rotten judaized core. So blah blah blah. We need another Hitler.
    • kalki666 Says: January 7, 2012 at 11:11 am | Reply   editExactly! And even Incog can’t seem to be able to see past the puppets and see the Jew behind the curtain! Maybe you should try to talk to him and educate him a bit. He won’t post my comments since I posted that disgusting ad by his precious Ron Paul in which he delivered a white whore’s nigger mullatto bastard free of charge after nobody else would and even called the police on the nigger and then RP goes on to say how he sees all human beings as ‘equals’. Truly disgusting. Then the dumbass Incog gets mad at me for posting it – instead of Ron Paul! He’s an idiot.
  • KALICKI IS A PUNK Says: January 7, 2012 at 12:43 pm | Reply   editINCOGJEW IS A FUCKING KIKE AND AN IP GATHERING PSYOP
  • Karem Says: January 7, 2012 at 2:19 pm | Reply   editWhy would Incog listen to me? Maybe he doesn’t want to scare people off, he gets alot of hits and he needs a common ground ,or maybe the above poster is right.  As for delivering the mullatto baby, jeesh have a heart. It’s a baby!
    • kalki666 Says: January 8, 2012 at 2:02 am | Reply   editI’m afraid the above poster may be right – at least about Incog’s site being an IP gathering psy-op. I once posted there: ‘I just got banned at WNN. I guess the CIA didn’t like me disclosing that Ron Paul is ‘controlled opposition’.’ Incog promptly deleted that comment. Then he repeatedly told people to shut up about RP being a tool of the Jew. At first I thought that he may just be a big RP fan and that’s why he  said that, but then I asked him 4 times why if RP was Jew- controlled ‘opposition’ would he not want our people to know about it or even discuss it – and he never gave me a straight answer. So that’s highly suspicious.And he’s a deceptive/dishonest bastard too! When I posted that he deleted the aforementioned comment, he accused me of ‘lying’. Yeah, he’s full of shit – just like a Jew.And as far as the mulatto abomination – it should have been killed, as well as the nigger father, and the white race traitor whore severely punished for race defilement, at the very least. But I understand you being a woman would have soft feelings about ‘babies’. But this is an abomination, a crime against humanity – a mistake that never should have happened – not ‘a baby’!
  • Karen Says: January 8, 2012 at 8:37 am | Reply   editRon Paul supporter? In a dystopia voting is a delusion.
    • kalki666 Says: January 8, 2012 at 5:35 pm | Reply   editYou are very smart. Smarter than all the idiots who post on Incog who foolishly cling to Ron Paul, thinking we can vote our way out of this mess. Idiots.
  • Karen Says: January 10, 2012 at 9:07 am | Reply   editThe posters on Incog, with some exceptions, confuse me. I fluctuate between thinking they’re hasabarats and idiots.  The comment section sometimes seems like vaudeville. Thanks
    • kalki666 Says: January 10, 2012 at 10:23 pm | Reply   editThey may be idiots, but they are more than hasbarats – they are ZOG agents. ‘American born’, specifically, told me personal info about myself that he couldn’t have known unless he was a spook. He also engaged in typical Jewspeak, and Incog covered for him. Incog let all these drolls ‘talk shit’ to me, but wouldn’t let me respond. I’m convinced the whole ‘Incogman’ thing is just a ZOG false front.
  • American born Says: January 11, 2012 at 2:57 am | Reply   editkalki, I have units all around your grand ma’s residence. I have a warrent to search the premises and seize all illegal narcotics. Arrest warrents have been issused for you and and anyone in the dwelling. :)Lay off the meth!!
  • Barney Says: January 11, 2012 at 11:21 am | Reply   editI was a bit surprised when you turned on American Born, Kalki. You maybe right of course, as few of us actually know each other, but he seems like a genuine White Man to me.Why not provide the proof you say you’ve got? That should settle the matter one way or another. No need to include “secret” details, just xxx any sensitive stuff.
  • Barney Says: January 11, 2012 at 11:24 am | Reply   editA thought. It wouldn’t be this kind of thing would it?Hostname   ISP Layered Technologies, Inc.   Continent North America   Flag US   Country United States   Country Code US (USA)   Region Texas   Local time* 11 Jan 2012 10:21   Metropolis* Dallas-Ft. Worth   Postal Code 75093   City Plano   Latitude 33.0347   IP Address   Longitude -96.8134I’m not spying on anyone, and there’s nothing personally identifiable in there. It’s just a FireFox add-on that gives information like that about every site I visit.
    • kalki666 Says: January 11, 2012 at 2:54 pm | Reply   editNo, the asshole knows personal info about my life – and I’m not talking about ‘meth’. The only way he could know what he knows is if he was working for an intel agency.
  • Will Says: January 11, 2012 at 3:47 pm | Reply   editHey Kalki remember Hal Turner? Perhaps “incogman” is there as his replacement.
    • kalki666 Says: January 11, 2012 at 7:49 pm | Reply   editWouldn’t surprise me one bit. I smelled a rat the first time I talked to Hal Turner and I was right. ‘Incogman’ smells the same.Notice how he’s online answering comments virtually 24/7, runs his web site, watches TV all the time, does all the original artwork, cranks out a new essay every other day – and we’re supposed to believe he does all  this by himself! Bullshit!Not only that, he displays the characteristics of a Jew. He lies, makes false accusations, is dishonest/deceptive, won’t answer a question about Ron Paul but instead beats around the bush, engages in Jewspeak (‘projecting’ & speaking in complete opposites) etc…etc…Yeah, he’s a RAT, alright!
  • Will Says: January 11, 2012 at 9:14 pm | Reply   editYeah well the last straw for me was when they accused you of doing meth. Apart from that all they do there is complain; no real solutions are offered.
    • kalki666 Says: January 11, 2012 at 11:01 pm | Reply   editThe whole ‘meth’ thing is an old Jewish slander – they constantly portray all ‘White Supremacists’ as ‘meth-heads’. And the fact that ‘Incogman’ would jump on that bandwagon speaks volumes about him, as well! He’s most likely a Jew himself!Yeah, and you’re right – the entire comment section there is one big bitch-fest!
  • WHITE PATRIOT Says: January 12, 2012 at 7:29 pm | Reply   editLook Kaliki the jew crusher, you are a little late to the waking up.  I read incogman’s blogs since the very beginning.  Big changes happened.  Obvious, extremely obvious shit like posts deleted and edited, working 24/7, total avoidance and evasion of significant questions, on and on just like in all your comments above, it adds up.  It’s a team of them somewhere, immune from jew attacks obviously, except for the staged wordpress shutdown.  Fake.June Johnson or possibly Frank Weltner but more likely the original incogman is sitting in Guantanamo and the nsa jew took over his site.  That was the big change.  The site and incogman team gave off a whole new persona for the now INCOGMAN.  A fag posting all kinds of jew queer Hitler propaganda and kike faggotry was given free reign to post all kinds of sick shit but legitimate Whites like myself were blocked out by the incogjew team.They did the same thing to me at least two times under other usernames at incogman for pinning him/her/them/it down on key questions then being blocked.  I slammed those assholes time and time again until I got tired of toying with hasbarats and left.Yes, I have the proof on incogman.  I downloaded his pages and archived his site starting in 08-09 until 2010 or whenever he got put in a fema camp and the jew took it over. I have ALL the comments he deleted, intact.  It’s not worth the time once you see through it, which apparently you have, so just take incogman for what it’s worth- an IP gathering hasbarat nest and a psyop.

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  1. Incog the kike permalink

    Coin-Tel Incog is running an IP gathering psyop.

    • kalki666 permalink

      Thanks, Incog the kike, but I already knew that.

      • Incog the kike permalink

        Any time, M.S.

      • kalki666 permalink

        Ooooh, so you kikes know my initials – is that supposed to scare me? It is you who is scared of me! You know what I’m destined to do and there is nothing you can do to stop it! Chew on that, kike!

  2. Karen permalink

    Well, I’m now banned at Incog. Doesn’t matter cause in the past 2 years I’ve only been playing.They play with us so it’s healthy to play back, hopefully shake off some of their jew arrogance. White Patriot is right. I discovered Incogs blog in 2009 and I agree, big changes.

    • kalki666 permalink

      We’ve obviously hit home. As soon as I posted this article, I started getting messed with – my blog would get a 404 ERROR – PAGE NOT FOUND! messsage, and ‘Incog’ started commenting here using his ‘Kalki the kike’ alias – (which is jewspeak – ‘projecting’/speaking in complete opposites/role reversal). What he’s really telling me is that he is, indeed, a kike! Thanks, kike!, but I alreay knew that!
      Yeah, jews hate having their covers blown! Fuck ’em! That’s the least of what they’ve got coming to them!
      And the fact that you’re banned there is something to be proud of! You were one of the few there who made intelligent posts – the majority are obviously insane kikes!
      You’re in good company. Just like White Patriot said, Incog the kike bans any legit White people, but gives free rein to all the insane kike degeneRATS!

  3. Will permalink

    The dead giveaway-At the top right of Incog’s banner there’s an image of a gold phallus(oy vey!) as well as an overabundance of jew imagery and symbols throughout the site, it’s blatantly obvious that it’s a nest of homosexual jewish meth addicts. As far as accusations against you Kalki….from reading a bit from your site the info you present is of the sort that Incog would never allow on his site, it’s too damning to the jews…the Jehovah as Satan thing in particular.

    • kalki666 permalink

      That banner is just plain ugly – in the spirit of the jew. Who wants to look at an ugly grimmace and an assortment of ugly kikes & niggers everytime you load a page? It is truly in bad taste – typically jewish!

      Yeah, and Incog the kike likes to pretend that he’s a ‘Christian’ (another typical jew trait(crypto/Marrano)!) – but he’s not! He stated (on another blog) that he’s an agnostic! I confronted him – twice! – about that, but of course, he’s too chicken-shit (as well as having an agenda) to respond.


      I just saw your comment on Incog! Good for you!
      You know the rat will just delete it! 🙂

  4. Karen permalink

    I hope that every one of you HATEFUL sonsofbitches regardlesss of color race or religion disappear off the earth for the sake of all life that wants to live

  5. Will permalink

    Let him delete all they want. At this point his blog is irrelevant; the more I reflect on it the more it seems that the majority of the people who post there have personalities/writing styles identical to those who posted on Hal Turner’s site years ago.
    Here’s an example of effective countermeasures never to be seen on a shill site:

    • kalki666 permalink

      That’s a good vid. Everyone should see it.
      I once posted that mantra ‘Anti-racist is codeword for anti-white’ and the embedded kikes there (Incog) naturally disagreed!

      You’re right, that site is irrelevant, but we should let people know exactly what it is: a Cointel IP-gathering psyop – run by, and embedded by KIKES!

      Once I posted there calling the jew religion ‘bullshit religion’ and the kike incog deleted ‘bullshit’ from in front of ‘religion’! Apparently the agnostic kike who pretends to be a Christian got offended by my calling the kikes’ ‘religion’ bullshit! Incog couldn’t possibly be more obviously jewish!

  6. WP@NOWHERE.COM permalink

    Kalki, that is so god damn funny how the incog team did you. Believe me, the old team hasn’t forgotten me. Possible one here and there is real but I caught incogman team so many times doing exactly the same gambit on me because I brought out real action strategies and focused on undeniable truths that incogman didn’t want out there. Once I embedded a video with the screen shot of a computer room with six or eight guys in army suits with headphones operating a hasbarat nest and incog threw a fit and deleted it and lied about doing it, bad.

    The thing is, I really do think the original incogman was some guy exposing the jew and it was different a few years back about what you could say. Then it all changed. Even his main writer Flanders abandoned ship. I still have major doubts about him and all the others that live there now. American born jew, is what I called that fucker. Something real suspicious was going on between incogman and a gayboi faggot named julian lee, who seemed to hold the keys, literally, to the incogjew’s .net AND .com that he maintained on his own for incogjew. I had it out with each and every one who broke against the Truth, and there’s the slim possibility that incogjew hasn’t scrubbed all my comments from his archives. They will turn on you out of the blue though and start calling you a jew. incogjew is especially bad about that and it’s a dead giveaway to you, but incogjew controls what reaches the screen on his blog so, he knows, you know, and there you have it.

    This has all happened before and a guy had a website devoted to exposing the incogjew. incogjew used to post on alt.circumcision on usenet way back. I can’t quite remember the website, and some kind of mirror, although searching “incogman hasbarat nest” rings a bell, but I have it in the archives if I feel like looking it up. Then there’s the jew hoffstein, who kisses nathaniel brothersteins ass on a daily basis, and whose ass I kicked royally, that had a big rant against the incogjew and left to create his own blog for incogjew allowing all kinds of gay faggotry lies about Hitler just obsessingly covering the site for days and other sick shit by julian lee. Anyway.

    You’re not the first and won’t be the last to get backstabbed by the hasbarat team at incogman for telling too much Truth, Kalki. It sure is fucking funny though to see it happening to someone else and it makes me feel better. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Later

    • kalki666 permalink

      Yeah, that is exactly what incogjew did to me: deleted a post I made (‘I just got banned at WNN. I guess the CIA didn’t like me exposing that Ron Paul is ‘controlled opposition’), then he lied about deleting it – but then he took it a step further – he accused me of lying (about it being deleted)! Can you get any more typical jew than that!? I don’t think so.
      And American born kike is most definitely a jew and a spook(works for intel agency). He used typical Jewspeak on me (‘projecting’, speaking in complete opposites, role reversal) and typical Jew slanders (‘All White Supremacists are meth-heads’) etc..etc…and, of course, incogjew naturally covered for him. He also knew personal details from my life (no, not the ‘meth’) that he couldn’t possibly have known unless he was working for an intel agency.
      ‘Vox’ went on an anti-white rant once about how the evil Whites slaughtered the innocent Injuns, etc…and how he has no problem with Hebrews. Another kike. So is ‘sog’.
      But, yeah, most of those idiots who post there 24/7 are imbedded kikes working with the incogjew team.
      Those hasbaRATS can all go fuck themselves!

  7. Hey Kalki, I found this little tidbit, you might call it a confession according to the rule of kike telling you secretly or otherwise like in a movie what it’s going to do to you. You may have heard of this ‘rule’.

    This is incogjew’s exact quote from his blog February 19, 2009:

    From: What You Don’t Know Could Get You Raped on

    “February 19, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    Scott Patrick Thornberry

    It is so perfectly obvious that every last one of you is a Mo$$ad agent.
    Scott Patrick Thornberry “Is” My “Real” Name

    February 19, 2009 at 8:40 pm


    Right you are Thornberry. INCOG MAN is a cover ops for the MOSSAD. Now that you spilled the beans, expect a visit from Tzipi Livni and her crew of poisoners. You sure your name ain’t “Dingleberry?”

    March 3, 2009 at 7:02 am


    Thornberry’s comment is just another example of jew-rigging Hasbara techiniques.

    When all else fails, accuse the website operator of being undercover JEW. I see this on every single site I visit. Smoke and mirrors, just like the holoHOAX.”

    Perfect example of hasbarat techniques and the follow up mentioning the holohoax to pull sheeple back. Was the incogjew just lying or was he confessing under the guise of sarcasm according to the rule of kike?

    Incogjew is running damage control now as they have done before. A lot of people have seen through it finally, and thanks to episodes like yours the incogjew is finished. Haw Haw Haw

    • kalki666 permalink

      Yes, you have a very astute insight into the mind of the jew. Thanks for that info. Also, re: David Duke, do you believe he is a phony Jew-controlled ‘controlled opposition’? Because I do. There is much evidence, but most significantly, when I posted some of this damning evidence on incogjew they all turned on me like a pack of rabbi(d) hyenas, starting with the king rat himself. For a bunch of kikes to react that way is very telling. Nevertheless, I’d like your info on Duke. Thanks.

  8. Incogjew the kike permalink

    White Patriot says:

    January 18, 2012 at 6:22 am

    “Or how about all the insane evils of Jewish Bolshevism?”

    Well said INCOGMAN.

    Dr. Rummel estimates 61 million people were GENOCIDED by the Jewish supremacism that Marxism is.

    These are facts of history that have to be acknowledged and addressed. There is a press on now infiltrating White media to reduce and minimize the Red Holocaust, as it is through morality that a tribe is controlled. There are films such as The Way Back by Weir which do show the evils of the Marxist Gulag system to a degree, and Director Weir, Ed Harris and the other actors talk about how they never knew about it. So it is catching on in the last few years.

    Keep up the good work INCOGMAN

    • Incogjew the kike permalink

      Good comment WP, but I thought you didn’t post at Incog?

      Ah, I get it, you are just playing kalki for a fool.

      • I don’t get your last comment Kalki. I told you I did post there and got banned by the incogjew team for posting honest truth and useful information. I also don’t get what the jew killing 60 milliion White Russians has to do with it (it’s a good sign you’re doing it right when the jews come out of the woodwork calling kike though, haha). All the best jew psyops have to acknowledge the jew lies and atrocities but each one seems to play a different angle and NOT admit key elements. Duke talks about the holohoax but says muslims did 911, when there’s no doubt that jews, israhellis and their mossad, along with criminals in the cia and executive branch pulled it off. Jones, Beck, Nathaniel, etc. all do the same thing. Ron Paul doesn’t even count, bwahaha, but the Truth is the Truth and that’s got to be the standard. Keep telling it like it is Kalki.

      • kalki666 permalink

        I didn’t make that post – that’s incogjew! He posts here under ‘Kalki the kike’ which I change to its rightful term – ‘Incogjew the kike’. Looks like the kike is utilizing another hasbaRAT/slimy-kike technique – trying to make you out to be a liar (by pretending you still post on incogjew) in order to make me think you were ‘playing me for a fool’
        Incogjew must be shitting bricks! Just like you said, he’s doing ‘damage control’! My INCOGMAN is a RAT! post has been my top post since I posted it, with 100s of people getting wise to that JEW! Yeah, I tend to rattle the kikes’ cages a bit! 🙂

  9. kalki666 permalink

    Incogjew the kike says: “Hell, people call me a secret Jew disinfo agent on the Internet all the time.”

    That’s because you are, bitch!

  10. Karen permalink

    That Jan.14th post wasn’t mine. I had people over we were drinking & smoking and my computer was left on this site.

    • kalki666 permalink

      I still love you Karen.

      • Incogjew the kike permalink

        Incogjew is a stupid nigger-loving kike.

  11. Karen permalink

    I love you too

  12. Kalki-have you emailed me or?

  13. Ron Paul is definitely, certainly, controlled opposition. He and his boy are both israhelli front men. The proof is that Ron Paul is still alive and on jew media. Do you think they would let another JFK get in the whitehouse unless they planned to kill him on talmudvision? Ron Paul has confessed his love for israhell and I don’t hear him saying much about kike 911 false-flag attack. Filthy hebes decide who gets on talmudvision and of course who gets to run for president. Maybe they want Ron Paul to get in so the jew can have a nigger assassinate him instead of redneck White man doing it to nigger obongo. They run multiple scenarios anyway. Could be they need a close race with obongo to use the vote-switching software. Yep, a dirty, lying, stoopid, telepuppet, treasonous piece of nigger shit that only lies and fat, dirty, ugly white-hating sheboon for another term? Should be a close race. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAA

    Which of course brings up David Duke on the payroll living in a ski chalet, much like jew freak show nathaniel brotherstein, and he just can’t bring himself to say jews did 911, or worse he really believes his own lies? Of course the hasbarat team has answers for all that. When the incogjew team attacked you like a pack of niggers/jew for pointing out the truth, it was a surprise and very telling. It’s like hooknosed ‘news’ kikes shitting lies out of their mouths–usually the exact opposite of whatever they are spewing is the truth. Good indicator.

    You pass the litmus test of Truth so far, Kalki. Incogjew does not pass, but he does walk a close line between pseudo-credibility and actual truth, which he/they/it use to create confusion and non-action as the result.

    It really is time to get these filthy subhuman creatures out of our government, media, finance, education, and essential institutions of every kind where they have wormed their way in. The time is now to get this fucking scum out. We never should have let it get this far Kalki. Just need a few million good men to stand up now and send these jew creatures back to hell.

    What do you think of John De Nugent, Kalki?

    • kalki666 permalink

      Here’s the comment I made on incogjew that caused the RAT and the entire nest of kikes there to turn on me, like a bunch of seething demons:

      Kalki says:

      December 21, 2011 at 6:22 pm

      Someone left a comment on this (Duke’s) vid stating,
      You know, there’s something funny about this Duke character. How come all the White Nationalist’s accounts got deleted, except the ‘most notorious WN’ of them all and that Christian Rabbi Nathanael? And how come Duke got released so early? And why are his vids so sleek & professionally edited?

      Of course, that comment got promptly deleted.

      I also commented how I asked Duke personally to tell me about the Jewish control of the political process when he was in the House of Reps and he evaded the question and instead told me the political system was legitimate.

      My comment also got deleted (by Duke).

      In all likelihood, Duke is working for them as controlled opposition. The info is still good, but I wouldn’t go as far as supporting him directly or financially, because then they’ve got you on the top of their list as ‘opposition’ and they label you a TERRORIST and you’ll be first in line to the FEMA camps.

      As far as John De Nugent, from what little I know of him, he appears legit. And the fact that I’ve never seen him on the MSM is a sign that he is legit – unlike Duke, who according to his own words is ‘the most villified man in the MSM’. Like Eustace Mullins said, you don’t get to make appearances on the MSM (like Duke) unless they own you.

  14. Also, what would you think about offering a ‘reward’ for anyone who can reveal the true identity of “incogman”. Originally, this guy talked about going to his brother’s house working on his deck and was just a good ol’ boy trying to wake people up to the jew with his blog. Somebody out there knows who he is or was 3 years ago, possibly, and who is operating the hasbarat nest now.

    People say they sent paypal donations to incogjew and got receipts from “June Johnson”. Others say incogjew is frank weltner in St. Louis. I think it’s run by the nsa with some real hooknoses pretending to be White or whatever spazzed out shit they can think up. It’s just way too fake and these people just aren’t that good. incogjew=fail I kicked his/her/its ass all over his own blog and exposed him lying and other things, well until he deleted and scrubbed it that is.


    Okay, I did my part Kalki. hehe Now seriously, if you did put out a call for disclosure of who this supposed incognito man is, the jew would shut your site down with dos attacks and since the owner of wordpress is a jew, might get your plug pulled. It’s a nice idea though.

    • kalki666 permalink

      Well, here’s a start:
      incogjew’s ip:

      American born:

      Incogjew uses a different ip everytime he posts here, but as you can see they’re all related.

  15. Will permalink

    Hal Turner: Savage Negro beasts!
    Incogman: Murderous black animals!


    • kalki666 permalink

      I noticed that too!
      And they both say that they don’t really have a problem with blacks and that they even do business with them!

  16. Wouldn’t you think incogjew with his out of control hit counter (equals 2000-3000 visitors per day year after year- Bullshit) would have been found out and identified by the jew scum by now? Why only one or two filthy hebes out of all the thousands and millions of hits (ya right) claiming to actually be hebes posting on incogjew?

    It’s starting to seem like a lot of these kike incognito sites are there just to rub our noses in it (while gathering ip’s for their list), with nobody doing anything substantial to stop them, and/or for hebe entertainment– you know how kikes like to shat on things.

    John De Nugent knows Duke and slammed him good a while back for all the reasons we both know. Then I think I saw him running nat freak-show brothersteins stuff. Like you said, there is some true information to be had from these types, but what is the actual result as far as taking action or motivation? De Nugent is supposedly ready now to start his ‘movement’. Problem is the jew filth could shut him down and pull his plug without even trying. He does pass all litmus tests for Truth.

    Makes me wonder about the alleged reactions from big jew websites to the hooknosed ziocritters attempted sopa/pipa censoring bullshit. Since they’re mostly sites owned by kikes, it could just as easily be a game to up the stakes on the kike fraud cyber security BULLSHIT. I SAY ENOUGH ALREADY.

    Will we let these filthy creatures just keep creeping along until we have nothing left? What’s it going to take for people to say, come on MEN let’s put a stop to this fucking shit NOW. We are being warred against and just keep waiting? For what? The kike filth sprays our air with nanoparticles, chemicals, blood cells, and who knows what fucking else these filthy maggot scum creatures are putting in our air, our water, our food.



    “When it comes to living a little longer, every man’s got a little wolf in him.” -Gunsmoke character

    “Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

    “The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people; that… it is their right and duty to be at all times armed.” -Thomas Jefferson to John Cartwright, 1824

    • kalki666 permalink

      Incogjew posted here twice claiming I was a ‘cointel psyop’ – and that was before I busted his ass! Understanding & interpreting Jewspeak (jews ‘project’, engage in role reversal, &speak in complete opposites), most likely he was telling me that he was a ‘cointel psyop’. Cointelpro is run by the FBI and that’s what most likely incojew is – just like Hal Turner.

      As far as all the big jew sites ‘protesting’ sopa/pipa – this is standard kike operatiing procedure. Theyre the ones who are always secretly trying to take away our freedoms (like gun control) while at the same time they put on a public show (like ‘Jews for guns’, or putting a Jew as the public spokesman for the NRA) pretending to be opposed to the very freedom-killing measures they’re trying to enact!
      The same goes for the ‘truth-telling’ jews – like Bro gNat (god, he’s hideous!), Makow, Stossel, Savage, etc…it’s all calculated and done to give the false impression that not all jews are liars and enemies of humanity, no ‘some are actually the champions of truth and our greatest benefactors and fighters for freedom & justice!’ BULLSHIT! The only good jew is a dead jew!

      Don’t worry, the kikes’ days are numbered! No kike on this planet will live to see 2013! Dec 21 2012 is the end of one age (Kali Yuga, Dark Age, Age of Pisces) and the begining of another – the New Age, the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius! And before the New Age can begin the Earth must undergo a thorough cleansing! That means no more non-aryans! That ought to brighten your day! 🙂

  17. Karen permalink

    The team over at Incog is hitting rock bottom. It appears as though they’ve dusted off Akira and reinvented him as Sazzy.

    • kalki666 permalink

      So is Akira another incogjew phony? I don’t bother with that place knowing now what they are – a bunch of filthy kikes pretending to be White men. Incogjew himself keeps posting vile comments here involving negross. A true kike.

  18. kalki666 permalink


    I don’t know what’s going on, but I assure you I did not send you that link (for viagra). I suspect a ZOG hack. I also received an email, supposedly from you, containing this link:

    Somebody’s fuckin’ around.

    I strongly suspect that ZOG doesn’t want me making contact with the NWF and they don’t like the fact that you and I are communicating. I wasn’t kidding when I said ZOG knows who I am and what I’m destined to do.

    I believe my email acct has been hacked, so disregard any nonsense you get, supposedly from me – because its not me!

    • Will permalink

      Got it Kalki. Did you get my email?

      • kalki666 permalink

        Yes, I got your email. Thanks, Will.
        I’m trying to think of an alternative way to communicate (besides that email addy) but its pretty useless as these basturds monitor everything. Let me know if you think of something. In the meantime, I don’t trust that email acct., better to just post here for now.

      • will permalink



      • kalki666 permalink

        Yes, thought police. Basturds.

        I’m listening to Harold’s podcast right now, and just as I was typing this response he said, “When you threaten the well-being of the tribe as a whole, the Jews will come down on you!”


  19. will permalink

    Fascinating how that works isn’t it?

    • kalki666 permalink

      Yes. My entire life has been like that – no random coincidences – everything (in my life) is pre-destined and working itself out according to plan.

      As far as what happened with that email nonsense…well, that is textbook Cointelpro. They sow division, turn brother against brother, etc…
      Watch this vid, its a must see! (Hal Turner is exposed in it as working for the FBI, among other interesting facts…)

      • will permalink

        Stasi ‘disintegration directive’

  20. You may be right Kalki about 12-21-12 but we damn sure can’t sit around for 11 more months while this filth takes our country and the world down.

    Could be all the new age / end of the world stuff the hebes are pumping out of jewlywood is to keep the sheeple on edge or on a false time-table. Kind of like the false-messiah Ron Paul theater. Whatever a kike says or spews on talmudvision is usually the exact opposite of the Truth or at least fully tainted with kike lies.

    Therefore, the possibility exists that the hebes are playing this all out like one of their movies. While the movie is playing the kikes are busy gutting one right after another and passing ridiculous and unjust laws, ALL of which are NULL and VOID due to a treasonous traitor illegal alien commie pos illegally installed and an illegal foreign lobby and the mossad dual-israhelli scum infiltrating and controlling our government.

    These filthy creatures have underground luxury accommodations all ready, and their ‘secret’ continuity of government housing at Mount Weather in place. So, is all of this preparation meant to be used by them or is it just put out there to keep people worried? Not knowing means to be ready for every possible scenario. It could be as simple as changing the formula in their massive world-wide chemtrail spraying. THIS MUST BE STOPPED.


    • will permalink

      2012 *is* the muds and cruds taking over the world by sheer weight of numbers. The jews have all the turkeys gawking up at the stars when in reality the apocalypse is happening right now all around us.

  21. Forgot these incogjew the rat links I was going to send you Kalki:

    These are just FYI from past incogjew hasbarat backstabbing that hasn’t been scrubbed from the net yet.

  22. kalki666 permalink

    Regardless of whether Dec 21 2012 turns out to be the end of one Age and the beginning of another, it is more than apparent that all the events are coming to a head – with the impending world-wide financial collapse – which many financial experts are prediciting for the 1st quarter of this year, the incessant beating of the drums (by the kikes) for war with Iran (even hinting at a false flag), which would likely result in WWIII, as both China and Russia have said they would enter the war if Iran was attacked – even if it meant WWIII! With the kikes ramping up their efforts to strip away the last of our freedoms (NDAA, SOPA/PIPA, etc…) to impose their Jew World Odor Police State…the signs are there that TSHTF this year – and that’s what we need to prepare for.
    We will have to fight for our people’s very survival, organize, and then take out the trash.

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