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Judge Napolitano Fired after this Broadcast ∞ Israel & Saudi more Dangerous Enemies than Iran

February 13, 2012

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  1. Zsu Heyder permalink

    You bet your yarmulke they did 9-11!

  2. Hell hath no fury as a patriotic American scorned.
    I only read alternative news sites but did listen
    to Judge Napolitano. The rest of the crew are
    communists. He’s the best.

    • Kalki permalink

      I’m sure this had a lot to do with him being fired, too! That’s the most truth I’ve seen on the MSM – ever!

  3. Putin even stated mossad did 911. Cockroaches Incorporated.

    • Kalki permalink

      As well as the Italian PM, Ahmoudinejad, Dr. Sabrosky, Susan Lindauer (CIA), Ted Gunderson (FBI)…etc…etc…

      Yeah, the kikes’ goose is cooked. They no longer have a stranglehold on information, thanks to the Internet, and it (along with their actions) will be their undoing.

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