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PURIM – the Jew Cannibal Feast celebrating Mass Murder

February 20, 2012

Jews have a literal blood-lust

According to the Megillah or Book of Esther in the Hebrew Bible, Purim is a celebration of the killing of 75,000 Persians by the Jews. According to the story, Esther, a Jew was the wife of an ancient Persian king. Esther found out about a plot by the king’s Prime Minister (named Haman) to kill Jews. Esther went to the king and told him. The plot was foiled. The king had the prime minister and his ten sons hanged, and made Esther’s father the new prime minister. But even though the plot had been foiled, the Jews went ahead and slaughtered 75,000 people. Then the feast of Purim was declared in celebration.

Traditionally at Purim events, foods that represent body parts of executed Haman are served. Hamantashen represent Haman’s ears.

Kreplach represent Haman’s beaten flesh.…eplach.htm

Some Jews today who celebrate Purim may think of it as celebrating only  Esther’s foiling Haman’s plot. They may not think of it  as celebrating the killing of the 75,000 people, even though the Book of Esther,  that they read at the ceremonies, does say that that is what the celebration is  about. Some Jews who celebrate Purim today may think of the Book of  Esther as an ancient or even mythical story that is not relevant to current  events and is not a model for how Jews should behave in the modern world.

However a lot of Zionist imperialist Jews today around the world,  including Zionist Jews in Palestine and in Massachusetts, use or misuse the  Purim holiday to falsely claim that there are modern day plots against the Jews.  These Zionist Jews use Purim to call for war, killing and genocide against  people in the modern world whom they label as enemies of the Jews. In some cases  they even carry out massacres of non-Jews on Purim.

On Purim 1994, Baruch Goldstein, a “US”-born follower of Meir Kahane who  became a settler in 1967-occupied Palestine, massacred 29 Palestinian Arabs and  wounded over 100 in a mosque in Hebron. Rightwing Zionist Jews are still  praising Goldstein and his Purim massacre.

Some Zionist Jews think of the 2003 “US” shock-and-awe attack and invasion  of Iraq as a Purim execution of enemies of the Jews, something that should be  celebrated. An example of this thinking is at

In 2007, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston (JCRC)  asked all rabbis in Massachusetts to preach Purim sermons about the so-called  “threat” from Iran (modern-day Persian) and demonizing President Ahmadinejad of  Iran. JCRC has removed this from their website now. But I can still find  announcements from other Jewish groups in the “USA” over the past couple years  of Purim protests against Iran where they explicitly  compare President Ahmadinejad to Haman of ancient Persia and thus are implicitly  calling for war against Iran and slaughter of Iranians. For example see this.

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  1. Hey Kalki, I’m wondering about the big show the filthy creatures are putting on over Iran. These scum behind either nato or the kike un or zog military are spraying us like fucking cockroaches with their chemtrail poisons. I don’t give a fuck what some sorry hasbarat cocksucker tries to shit out to cover it up or deny it. The filthy scum are spraying nasty shit now and why are they allowed to continue such a fucking thing? All these sorry sons of bitches have to do now is change the formula to the new h5n1 military version and they got their population reduction.

    Now, the filthy bloodthirsty bloodlusty hebe drinks their borsch like it’s blood and eat some nasty shit called gefilte fish that looks like turds in a jar, I don’t know or care what it really is, and then celebrate the bloody murder of innocents. Now is that some sick shit or what. So, yes the pos from hell binyamin meets obongo a couple days before the bloodfest. Who would have figured? I don’t buy it. The zog fleet will be on the bottom of the Persian Gulf in five minutes and hopefully israhell will be a sea of glass if they don’t leave those people the fuck alone.

    It also seems bizarre that the sheeple keep taking the jew poison, literally from the poisoned ‘food’, and the ugly repulsive hooknosed kike scum all over their talmadvisions acting utterly fake and spewing out lies and shitting out of their mouths. As far as kikeywood movies- have you been in a video store lately. The shelves are lined with bloodbaths and gory evil murder and killing and faggotry and full of niggers and muds. Unfuckingbelievable is what it is. And the sheeple eat it up and their little nanny and billy sheeple, too.

    Are we that far gone that we can’t pick up our 200 millions guns and billions of rounds of ammo and drive the filthy hooknosed criminal scum out of our government and into a special fema camp until their treason trials? What’s stopping us Kalki? And no I ain’t counting on Kalki to magically save us. It’s getting late man.

    • Kalki permalink

      On March 8 the Feds will be shutting down the internet – for ‘at least 4 million people’ and March 8 also just happens to be Purim. Are the kikes planning another slaughter? It wouldn’t surprise me one bit! Maybe another 9/11 – possibly nuclear this time – to get the ball rolling on their war on Iran – the modern day Persia.

      And, no, I don’t go to video stores – I won’t waste my money on jewish dreck. If I feel like watching something (rarely) I find it on the internets for free.

      And, don’t worry too much about it – the kikes’ days are numbered!

  2. I hear ya man. It’s either more fake bullshit or a real attack. That narrows it down. These psychopaths that control the bought and paid for infiltrated occupied power structure (the zog) are getting closer to being outed and I hear bankers are fleeing. Are they heading to their burrows? It could all be part of the fake out while the death by a thousand cuts approach continues. Eventually they end up with it all or what’s left of the world, in either case. At least in the talmudvision version.

    Which of course brings up another small point. It’s called reality. Nobody is coming around here to disarm us on obongo’s orders. Not u.n., not military, not zog shitscum niggerpigs. I mean, guns are a way of life out here. They may not be too smart but they sure can hunt. I don’t know even one person who is thinking about giving up their guns. Do you?

    So unless these cowardly bastards use their nukes, change the chemtrail formula, or let loose a worldwide pandemic death virus, or use one of their various high tech mass-effect weapons, or starve us to death, we should be alright. It would be a lot easier to pick up the guns after everyone is dead anyway. So at least we don’t have to worry about that, Kalki.

    On the non-sarcastic side, I just don’t think these filthy hooknosed creatures at the top of the syndicate can pull it off. They are not really smart, just evil and devious liars with a pipeline into sheeple heads, called tv or talmudvision. Herd members that go to college get deeper level mind fucking with lies, faggotry and arrogance to boot.

    In the long run they win if they can just keep the sheeple from revolting until the present generations pass away. Then history will just be a giant holohoax story, much as it is now with everything the kike has done to the world erased from history. I mean they waited this long, what’s another generation or two?

    Hey I just remembered a comment to a youtube video about zog rounding up people I found that I’ll leave you with Kalki (they were calling you Kalky over at the incogjew hasbarat nest) I thought it was funny, guess you had to be there.

    “• foreign troops, training to be MOWED THE FUCK DOWN the second they try and pull some stupid suspension of constitutional rights bullshit. I’ll even go as far as saying if you’re a cop or government official involved in this, you’d best stay home cuz while your people are at my house, guess where i’ll be… that’s right. I’ll be gleefully jerking every last thing you ever fucking loved right out of your miserable fuck of a life. Consider yourselves warned. 🙂
    liljgoneman 1 day ago”


    • Kalki permalink

      Yeah, its all coming to a head very quickly – March 1 the NDAA goes into effect (see my latest post), March 8 internet shutdown + Purim = bad news, March 23 Greece scheduled to default, all the massive banker resignations, kikes beating the war drums for war on Iran, etc…etc…

      The kikes have very little time left, so they’re kicking it into high gear to try to implement their NWO Police State so they can finish what they started in the Soviet gulags: the complete destruction of the White race. But it won’t happen that way. It’ll backfire on them and they’ll be the ones who’ll be completely eradicated. It’s destined to happen that way. But, we’ll have to fight tooth and nail for our very survival.

      Can you link me to those comments @INCOGRAT where they were talking about me? I’m not going to wade through 100s of comments made by a bunch of hasbarat kikes. BTW, incogjew sent me 2 emails recently, with some links in ’em, as if I had subscribed to the comments there – last year – which I never have! Most likely a virus. I just dumped ’em.

      Take care.

    • Yeah, the bastards shut me down after my ‘Israeli culture is an inhuman culture’ post started to go viral. Fuck ’em. They’ll never completely shut me down! And fuck all those vile little kike rats hanging out at incogjew! They’re so vile they just have to be jews! Ha ha!


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