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Today – March 1st – the NDAA Goes Into Effect: Welcome to the End of the Rule of Law!

March 1, 2012

Passed by both Congressional chambers in December, signed into law by President Obama on December 31st, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 goes into effect today, March 1, 2012.

This is the Act that allows the indefinite detention of American citizens on American soil by our government.  It is the Act that allows the US military to be used as law enforcement inside the borders of the country – for the first time since the Civil War. The Act effectively disembowels the Bill of Rights – the Charter of our basic and fundamental rights as American citizens.

From now until the worst of its language is overruled or repealed, ours is not a nation ruled by those laws and provisions of rights laid down over two centuries ago, but a nation ruled by the whims of whomever is in the White House.  Welcome to the end of the rule of law in this nation.

The OB Rag has written extensively about the NDAA of 2012, such as the post Why Congress Needs to Feel Our Anger Over the NDAA of 2012. It said :

The Act includes provisions that would allow for the indefinite detention of American citizens without any recourse to legal interventions or civil rights if accused of a “belligerent act” or any terror-related offense.

These provisions mean that anyone of us – or any group of us – could be imprisoned without arraignment, without access to a lawyer, without access to habeas corpus, without a jury trial, without due process – without the protection of the Bill of Rights, our basic, fundamental rights as citizens.

And explained:

Why the NDAA of 2012 Is So Bad

The Act violates the Fifth Amendment right to due process of law; it violates the Sixth Amendment right to trial, as well as the Posse Comitatus Act which prohibits the domestic deployment of the military as law enforcement.

Activists could be indefinitely detained. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies treat peace, environmental, animal-rights, and anti-tax activists as “terrorists”. By legalizing the indefinite detention of anyone accused of a terror-related crime, this Act gives the federal government the unchecked power to silence critics, deny the right to trial, and override the presumption of innocence.

The heads of the FBI, Defense and National Intelligence, the chairs of Senate Intelligence and Judiciary Committees were all opposed to this Act. They all could see that indefinite detentions would threaten Constitutional rights, force the military to perform domestic law enforcement which it is ill-prepared to do and erode trust in our justice system. Even President Obama had reservations initially about the bill before he signed it, and then when he signed it, he issued a “Signing Statement” that supposedly assured us that his Administration would not use the Act to violate the rights of American citizens. But – we ask – what about future Administrations and Presidents?

In addition, military detention without trial removes the courts from our system of checks and balances. The NDAA erodes the separation of powers as well as individual rights.

The NDAA passed without a single Congressional hearing and over the objections of Congressional committees denied the chance to review it. Many members of Congress did not and still do not even understand it. The mainstream corporate media did not cover any of the Act’s provisions, and we did not have any national debate over such drastic changes to our basic, fundamental rights.


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