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BREAKING! Infected Mohel Still Sucks!

March 13, 2012

The Jewish practice of sucking blood from a circumcised penis

Mohel linked to metzitzah b’peh death and brain damage is still sucking newborn babies’ penises during circumcisions, despite a state ban against him.

Writing in The Jewish Week, Hella Winston reports that Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer is still doing metzitzah b’peh (MBP), direct oral-to-genital suction, as part of the brises he performs, despite being prohibited from doing so by the New York State Department of Health.

Fischer was directly linked to Herpes Simplex 1 infections given to infants by MBP in 2003 and 2004. One infant died, another was sickened but recovered, and a third was sickened and permanently brain damaged from the infection.
Fischer was linked to another MBP infection in 2007 and was banned from doing MBP by the state health department.

But Fischer has apparently been violating that ban with impunity – in part because it appears the ban was never made public.
Fischer was also banned in 2005 by New York City after the media broke the story of the MBP death and infections. Fischer did not comply with the ban, so the city sued him. But in an apparent political deal with Satmar and Agudath Israel of America along with other haredi groups, the city withdrew the lawsuit and moved the case to a beit din, haredi Jewish religious court.

The state also prohibited Fischer in 2005 from performing MBP, but it lifted its ban almost immediately when Jacob Spitzer, a hasidic businessman and power broker associated with Revival Home Health Care, assured the state that the haredi community had instituted standards and was policing itself.

The Jewish Week also reports that the circumcision protocols – which featured a recommendation that the mohel rinse his mouth with whisky or mouthwash immediately before performing MBP on the baby as a form of infectious disease control – worked out between Agudath Israel of America and Satmar on one hand and the New York State Department of Health on the other and adopted in 2006, were rescinded by the state in 2007. The protocols had been ridiculed by scientists and medical professionals who pointed out that a mohel rinsing out his mouth with wine, whisky or mouthwash immediately before doing MBP provided no assurance the virus would not be transferred to the baby.


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  1. Today I produed this video:


    • That’s very good! At least, up until the pic of the rabbid after the 0:30 mark – having that pic up for over a minute is way too long! I would definitely cut that down to just a few seconds (less than 5 – anything more than that and the viewer starts to wonder – WTF is going on here?) Then I would add more material so the vid is more than just 30 secs.
      Also, as far as the narration, have you ever heard of Snordelhans? He does excellent work! He’s done a lot of Les Visible and anti-Israel/anti-Jew vids. He should be worth contacting. –>

    • I would also include part of this vid –>

      Especially the first 33 secs, and I’d play twice the part where he says ‘it means to suck…with his mouth’

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