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The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

March 24, 2012

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  1. Potsherd and Annie, I feel just the same and woke this morning coemllepd to add:Emily Henochowicz Sings Us to WakeI’m humbled: the brilliant artist who gave you [oh, Palestine] my eye still hopes so passionately for her friends there. She croons a tribute to them and to Palestine, Oh I wish I was with you. She prophesies that it can get better if people open their eyes, open their eyes. She hymns that Because I changed, people can change, others can, too, and I’ll be back with you some day, Palestine, and I believe that there will be peace, I believe that you can be free. She shows us in a self-portrait the cost that Israel extracted of her change, of her freshly open eyes, of opening spirit: literally extracting the eye that had lifted its veil. She tints the empty meaning-full opening in red against the sepia pen and ink of a gripping self-portrait. Emily Henochowicz asks of Israel and of us, Don’t they SEE? Don’t they SEE?, for, Oh, those people are so fine. Oh I miss you. Palestine.

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