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Ethnic Cleansing Operations – Manual for the Coming Race War

April 1, 2012

Imagine waking up one morning to a day filled with growing ethnic violence. It could be triggered by anything, another motorist beaten by police, the shooting of a fleeing suspect, the discontinuation of a social program, a racist concert inciting violence bursting forth into the surrounding area, or any of a wide variety of incidents. Imagine watching television reports throughout that day, watching the violence grow from random to organized, and then to the systematic killings of entire families only because they had White skin. In truth, small incidents of ethnic cleansing have been going on in the United States for decades, but today new militant influences have taken root among American Blacks who are beginning to talk openly about the widespread ethnic cleansing of people with White skin. Politicians are struggling to ignore this ticking time bomb, but it is there nonetheless. Whites must wake up to the fact that we are not only victims of ongoing racist violence, but that we are about to be attacked with the intent of wiping out our entire race.

Read the entire manual: source1, source2

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