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The Power of Propaganda

April 22, 2012

‘Einstein’ has been made synonymous with ‘genius,’ even though in reality Einstein was an idiot and a fraud – that’s the power of propaganda! I wrote a research paper on Einstein when I was in high school and found interesting facts about him such as – he regularly forgot how to tie his own shoes! No, not in his advanced age, but in his prime! Not only that, he sucked at math! He repeatedly failed his H.S. math courses and couldn’t grasp the concept of a variable (such as ‘x’ in 2x + 4 = 10). He couldn’t grasp the concept of how a letter could represent a number. Yeah, real genius. The teachers had to sit him down, like a retard, after class, and explain it to him like to a little child: ‘You see, ‘x’ is like an animal, and we have to hunt it down…’

And ‘The Theory of Relativity’ was stolen by him from an Italian scientist. Do a search.

And this same idiot who predicted that ‘mankind will never harness nuclear energy’ is credited by the jew-controlled media of doing just that! When in reality it was Nazi scientists who first split the atom.

But this is what Jews do. Through their control of the media, they constantly portray themselves in glowing terms – as geniuses, symphony conductors, scientists, doctors, inventors, etc – they are ‘the cream of society!’ Bullshit! The Jews’ average IQ is below normal! It is 90! They are about as smart as your average Mexican.

A Jew once told me that the only thing Jews are really good at is stealing other people’s ideas and claiming them as their own, and making the evidence disappear!

And I have witnessed this first-hand! I once knew a Jew who worked in a government metallurgy research lab – yet he was a total moron! A real Einstein! I once tested his math skills and he couldn’t solve simple high school level algebra problems. There’s no way he should have ever been employed at that place! But, if that weren’t bad enough, when his lab made a breaktrough discovery (not by him!, he was just a low-level assistant – a step-n-fetch-it boy), guess who appeared on TV and was credited with making the discovery? That’s right, he was! This is how Jews operate. Professional liars and thieves and parasites on society! Yet, through their control of the media, they portray themselves as the benefactors of society. This demonic plague needs to be eradicated.

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  1. WHITE PATRIOT permalink

    Good work on this Kalki. It parallels my own research as does most of your work. That’s what happens when you use Truth as the standard and follow the path to the Truth as revealed by its Light.

    Let me tell you HOW I discovered that einstein was a liar, fraud, thief, plagiarist and pervert. I never got wise to the jew or made the connection until I was able to completely debunk the jew holohoax lies and fraud, which then led me to the PATH of the Truth. It is not a fruit or flower to be picked, NOR an opinion or belief to make. It is a mountain right in front of you that must be climbed.

    One thing leads to another. I was totally insulted by the disgustingly utter gall of commercials on talmudvision so I eliminated them. Then it was the ‘news’ programming blatantly obvious lies that disgusted me so it was eliminated. The ‘programs’, hehe, had to go, then the filthy disgusting kike ‘movies’, and so that was put back in its cage.

    Simple questions about geology and archeology arising from my discovery and positive identification of Bison Antiqus jaw bones and skeleton I uncovered about eight feet down digging out a trench for my electric service lines with my backhoe. It has been extinct for around 10,000 years and was covered with clay and some small amounts of limestone/sandstone. We live 1,000 feet up in the foothills of the Ozark mountains. The Great Flood was real and not that long ago.
    Look into ooparts – out of place archaeological artifacts. Millions of them.

    The Grand Canyon absolutely defies the status quo geology taught by the jew universities. A thousand feet uphill across a plateau and what about those side canyons? Do your own work here but it was NOT created by erosion over millions of years. The answer to this lies in the Valle Marenares on Mars. I’ll give you a hint. SEE: The Electric Universe, and Plasma Cosmology for the answer. It will take you to the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Then you will know why and how it got there after you study the GREATEST GENIUS THAT EVER LIVED ON THIS PLANET – NIKOLA TESLA. He refuted einstein from the beginning. He GAVE his discoveries to Humanity. If you uncover the absolute genius of Tesla you will find many others, mostly jew, taking credit for his work over and over and over again. You will also see how Tesla’s understanding of the Electric Universe invented the 20th century and even the 21st. It leads to ancient Egypt, the Inca and Maya, and to the Sumerian and Annanaki people. The supposed brilliant Greek philosophers, including Plato and Aristotle and Pythagoras, were FUCKING FRAUDS JUST LIKE eINSTEIN. THEY STOLE EVERYTHING THEY CLAIMED FROM EGYPT. They all travelled there. Do some research. No wonder the jew universities shove the Greek bullshit down people’s throats; especially considering the GREEKS WERE FUCKING PEDOPHILES WHO HELD SLAVES – JUST LIKE THE jEW. If you think these supposed geniuses invented Reason and everything else, then you won’t look farther for the True source. The Egyptians got it from the Sumerians who possibly got it from the Annanaki. The Christian religion stories were ALL told before jeebus was born, in the works of the Egyptians, and in extreme detail in the creation stories from Sumer.

    Tesla, the Electric Universe, the Great Flood, Sumer, Giants, Viracocha, breaking the status quo lies in many fields, especially- astronomy, cosmology, physics, geology, archaeology, history, xxxxx fuck it just re format your brain and start over.

    Didn’t mean to write a book on you bro, hehe. Just something needed saying. Keep up the good work. -WHITE PATRIOT

    • It’s good to hear from you again. Thanks for the plethora of info. Yeah, there is lots of knowledge out there that’s being supressed by the kikes. Like alternative/free energy. There are over 5000 viable patents for alternative energy on file at the U.S. patent office – all of them classified as ‘a threat to national security.’ You can make a car run on water – it’s been done – run an electric current through H2O and it breaks apart into hydrogen and oxygen gas – both are combustible. Of course the evil kikes would never release this technology – they have to keep polluting and enslaving the world.

      Why do you think the Nazis made such huge leaps in technological innovation towards the end of the war? They freed themselves from the jew parasite that’s holding back and bastardizing humanity. Just like the Europe-wide expulsion of the jews lead to the Renaissance. Imagine a global purging of the jew – that will inevitably lead to a Golden Age for humanity!

      That’s just around the corner.

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