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The name Jesus is a curse and blasphemy!

May 5, 2012

The name “Yeshu” is actually an acronym for the formula (ימח שמו וזכרו(נו (Y’mach Sh’mo V’Zichro(no)) meaning “may his name and memory be obliterated”. (source)

Several references confirm that the name Jeshu (Yeshu) is used in Jewish literature only of persons who were despised for one reason or another. They are referred to simply as ‘cursed’! It is an acrostic that everyone at the time understood. This law would explaine the intertwined uses of the name Joshua and Jesus in Acts 7:45 and Heb. 4:8 (KJV, NIV). The Strongs Concordance and Holman’s Dictionary both give reference to this as being one of the origins of the name ‘Jesus’. (source)

Sepher Toldoth Yeshu means “Book of Generations of Jesus” (source)

“And they called his name Jesus as a sign that he was a man whose name and memory ought to perish.”  (source)

“Then they published him as such by the blowing of 300 trumpets, declaring him not fit to come into the congregation, and called his name Yeshu, signifying that his name and memory deserved to perish. When it became known that he was declared unworthy to be admitted into the congregation, Yeshu (Jesus) with a sad heart fled to Upper Galilee, where he dwelt many years.” (source)

The name Yeshu has in fact been used in Jewish literature as an acronym yemach shemo vezichro, “May his name and memory be obliterated.” Refusing to utter the name of a heretic was a common Jewish practice. For example, in Acts of the Apostles, a Roman soldier confuses Paul’s Messiah with another nameless Egyptian “who started a revolt and led 4,000 terrorists out into the desert” (21:38). Using it in this instance implies that the name of Jesus originated as a term used in place of his real name so that it would be forgotten and lost to history. To have such a name become the focal point of the most popular monotheistic religion in recorded history would be an irony of epic proportions. (source)

What do you expect when you take religious instruction from demons (Jews)?

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