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Alex Linder is a Jew!

May 17, 2012

Notice the red-headed woodpecker Alex Linder has chosen to symbolize the White race

I used to wonder why Alex Linder had a pic of a bird in the logo for VNN, it didn’t make much sense, but I figured it out! At first I thought maybe he was doing it to disguise his site and not scare off people by posting something like a swastika, but that’s not it at all!

If you’re wondering if that red-headed bird in the VNN logo is actually the red-headed woodpecker – it is! Alex Linder told me so himself! Not only that, he stated that he believed the red-headed woodpecker should be used as the symbol of the White race, as opposed to the swastika, not just in his banner, but in general – as our battle flag! I thought to myself, ‘Are you joking!?’ Turns out he was. Secretly.

When another member asked him to explain why he chose a woodpecker Linder says,

I just think it’s funny to have a woodpecker…


Origins of the term ‘peckerwood’:

Southern blacks used “peckerwood” as a derogatory term to describe poor and/or rural Southern whites. A dictionary of African-American slang explains that the term “peckerwood” had its origins in the word “woodpecker.” Blacks saw blackbirds as a symbol of themselves and the contrasting redheaded woodpecker as a representation of whites. Eventually, the word “woodpecker” was inverted to become “peckerwood” in an attempt to hide the meaning and origin of the term.

What Alex Linder is doing is calling White people (whom he claims to represent) “peckerwoods”! Just like a nigger! Only in an underhanded (i.e. Jewish) way! Is it any wonder that Jews think like niggers? Not at all! Jews are white niggers!  And he thinks it’s funny (to be secretly insulting White people)!

Not only that, Alex Linder decided to ban ’88’ and ‘hate’ from the names at VNN. When I contested him on it he banned me! What is it that Jews hate and fear the most? Hitler and ‘hate’! (88 stands for ‘Heil Hitler!’)

He has also openly collaborated with known Federal informants and has banned many people for outing said agents. He also worked for a Jewish publisher before starting VNN. And he has no other job besides running VNN – a non-paying site, yet lives a comfortable life – with no apparent source of income!

Not to mentioned that he looks like a faggy, whiny, cowardly little bespeckled Jew! I used to wonder how Linder could possibly have such inside knowledge of the inner mind of the Jew and now I know – he’s a Jew himself!

Alex Linder, the faggy little bespeckled Jew who claims to represent White people yet underhandedly calls them 'peckerwoods'! What a POS!

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  1. Will permalink

    Good call! Ya nailed it.

    • Thanks!

      It all came together when another kike (‘Sam Reeves’) called me a ‘peckerwood’ on enationalist (another ZOG front)! Isn’t it amazing how kikes think just like niggers? Although, it’s not surprising to me – I came to the conclusion that jews are just white niggers long ago!

      • zipper permalink

        He got me banned from that site.

      • Linder banned you from VNN? I thought you were never a member there…You stated so on my ‘Linder is a Jew’ thread on e-gnat.

      • zipper permalink

        No, I was referring to Enat. I got banned from Enat. Never had joined VNN.
        When I tried to log onto Enat, I got this message.

        vBulletin Message
        You have been banned for the following reason:
        Users fowarded Pm/ Insulting eNationalist.
        Date the ban will be lifted: Never

        The only Pm was discussing Florida location with you but I wonder if they read the emails.

        If you write to me at my email, I will tell you about an email I got about yourself.

      • Jake: I will take your comment at face value. Black in this case reefrs not to the particular skin color of any individual, but to the people once known in this country as Negroes , and now as African Americans . You are probably too young to remember this, but until 10 or 15 years ago, nobody used the phrase African American . I am old enough to remember when the polite term was Negro , and am not willing to jump through the hoop every time these people decide that a new name will bring them the dignity that their behavior will not. We focus on race because it is race that is the common thread in these attacks. When did you last hear about a mob of poor or working class Whites attacking upper class commuters? How often do you ever read about unprovoked attacks on Blacks by Whites? Our contention is that Blacks are collectively much less intelligent and more violent than Whites, and that these differences are genetic in origin. These news items are merely the external expression of internal qualities. I hope I’ve clarified things for you a bit.

    • Back when it was just black vs white the media only needed to cover up the resnetlels waves of anti-white racial attacks and the anti-white media was and is okay with that. However as the White proportion of the population decreases and the non-white proportion increases the result is more black vs (random ethnicity) crime. For a long time the bulk of the immigration was blue collar and hispanic and the resulting black vs hispanic crime could be covered up also and the anti-white media is ok with that.However now things have changed and the race-replacement of White people extends into the white-collar world and the people in that world include many who are both non-black, non-white and not virulently anti-white enough to see the occasional crime overflow as an acceptable price to pay. Bit by bit Japanese engineers and Indian managers and Korean accountants and Chinese scientists are going to make it harder for the media to maintain the Great Lie.

  2. Jake: I can’t recall ever hnarieg of a bunch of 50 year olds attacking a commuter train. Nor have I heard of 30 White teenagers attacking a commuter train. While there are some stupid, violent Whites, stupid violent Blacks far outnumber them, despite there being five times as many Whites as Blacks in this country. Ask yourself, if being Black was not significant in this event, why were there no Whites among the attackers? Surely some of those fellows must have White friends they could have invited along, if race were not an issue? There are very few White on Black attacks, and there haven’t been for decades. The last honest-to-goodness racial attack I can recall was back in the 1980s, in Bensonhurst NY. The last White on Black killing to make any waves was 12 years ago in Texas, when two White felons dragged a Black felon to death in a dispute over dividing the spoils. It’s hardly a hate crime to murder your accomplice. Check the statistics online, far more Whites are murdered by Blacks than the other way around.

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