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May 24, 2012

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  1. Will permalink

    Quite frankly I have no sympathy for her.

    • Neither do I – hence the title Karma.

    • Exactly – she got what she really wanted! DIEversity!

      check out this other Marxist white liberal dead idiot!

      Kirsten Brydum is described as a “free spirited community activist” by friends. She was apparently shot in the head for being white, while campaigning for Negro presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama.

      A 25 year old white female Obama campaigner was riding her bicycle in a virtually all black neighborhood of New Orleans. She was on a “cross country trek” to support Obama. So brainwashed by multi-cultural propaganda that this “community activist” thought nothing about venturing around a black NOLA neighborhood after dark. She was SHOT IN THE HEAD, and he body was left lying on the sidewalk.

      Apparently it didn’t matter that she had come all the way from San Fransisco to campaign for Obama. She was just another white victim to the local residents. No local residents would even call police to report four gunshots or that a dead body was laying on the sidewalk. Her body sat for hours until it was seen by a construction crew that was in the area to gut houses damaged by Katrina.

      Take a minute to imagine what would happen if a black woman campaigning for Obama had been found shot in the head in a white neighborhood. THIS WOULD THE LARGEST NEWS STORY IN THE WORLD!

  2. thunor permalink

    Payback is a bitch!

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