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Blacks are 50 times more likely to commit violent crimes against Whites than vice versa!

May 29, 2012

“As a number of analysts have begun to notice, blacks are about 50 times more likely to commit violent crimes against whites than whites are to commit violent crimes against blacks. Like the Sentencing Project’s “1 in 3” number, this “50 to 1” statistic is technically correct. If you divide the total number of black-on-white violent crimes in 1993 (1.29 million) by the number of black males age 20 to 29 in the population in 1993 (3.94 million), you get a ratio equal to 1,013 violent crimes against whites per 10,000 young black males. If you do the same calculation for the total number of white-on-black crimes (186,000) divided by the total number of twenty-something white males (22.9 million), you get a ratio of 17.6 violent crimes committed by whites against blacks for every 10,000 young white males. Thus, the incidence of interracial black-on-white violent crime by young black males (1,013) is 57.5 times the incidence of interracial white-on-black crime by young white males (17.6). Using different denominators (for example, white versus black males age 15 to 29) moves the statistic down a bit (in the example given, to 48 to 1). But it clusters around 50 to 1.”

“Loury is absolutely right, and he or I or any other competent analyst could fashion a half-dozen fancier ways of minimizing the “50 to 1” statistic. In the end, however, nothing we could produce would be other than cold comfort to white victims of black criminals. For every such “explanation” merely underlines the reality behind both “1 in 3” and “50 to 1”: namely, that young black males do commit serious crimes at a much higher rate than whites. Worse, where the growing problems of black juvenile and “wolf pack” crimes are concerned, it may well be that young black criminals really are targeting white victims. For example, as even OJJDP has noted, while about 95 percent of all violent crimes committed by white juveniles in 1991 were against whites, 57 percent of all violent crimes committed by black juveniles were against whites.

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  1. Will permalink

    Liberals and conservatives alike hate it when reminded of these facts!
    Is there really any difference between a “Christian” and a communist?

    • Yes, these facts are “racist”! And so we must not speak of them!

      Both Christians and Communists are dupes/tools of the Jew!

  2. Will permalink

    As well as capitalism! The 3 C’s, or the beast with three heads.

    • And the Empire of the Three Cities: Rome, London, D.C – Jews controlling our religion, money, military.

      • Will permalink

        As an aside-Chicago=Odessa. Makes sense? Compare the two on the map. You’ll see.

      • Could you elaborate a little more on that? Thanks.

      • Will permalink

        Both are jewish strongholds, similar environments, geographic similarity. Both on large lakes.

  3. ALL African MALES are proof SATAN had sex with a SHE-BOON NEGRESS APE!


    Brigham Young and other Mormons believed that blacks were also reincarnated DEMONS!

    • Thanks for that blog link – great stuff!

      And, yeah, niggers are most definitely degenerate/demonic souls – only a degenerate/demonic soul is born into a non-aryan body!

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