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The Kalki Avatar Prophecy

“There will be rulers reigning over the Earth who will think of themselves as modern and superior; they shall rule through leaders of nations, and these leaders shall be men of vulgar, corrupt disposition, having a violent temper, and ever addicted to falsehood and evil.  They will inflict death on women, children and animals (through their wars and plagues); they will seize upon the property of their subjects; they will be however of limited and temporary power only as they will for the most part rapidly rise and fall in meteoric short careers; the lives of these leaders will be short, they will be physically and mentally ill from their insatiable desires and habits; and they will display but little of spiritual conscience.”

“The peoples of various countries, influenced by propaganda of their leaders, will follow the example of their leaders, and the Barbarians of materialism (in America and Europe) will be powerful in their patronage of the leaders of the less materially advanced countries; the more pure-minded and spiritual tribes (and social groupings) of their peoples shall be neglected and exploited so that those peoples shall be enslaved, suffer and perish in great numbers.”

“In all nations, wealth and spirituality will decrease day by day until the entire world will be corrupt, crooked and depraved.  Then property alone will confer rank or high reputation; money will be the only object of devotion and dedication in people; the vicissitudes of physical sexual desire will be the only and fleeting bond of union between the sexes; women will be regarded as nothing but objects of sexual gratification; and falsehood will be the only means of success in litigation.”

“The natural Earth will be venerated only for it’s mineral treasures (such as oil); nothing but the Brahmanical thread in India will be said to make a person a Brahman; external clothing will be the only distinction of the level of evolution of human beings; dishonesty instead of genuine productive work will become the short-lived means of subsistence for people everywhere; weakness and irresponsibility will cause more and more people to depend on charity and the state wherever they can; political menace, conformity and intellectual presumption will be substituted for education; immorality and personal corruption will be the new false religion; mere external bathing and showering will be the substitute for internal purification; easily breakable mutual assent will be the only marriage vow of parents for rearing children and divorce with broken homes will ever increase; fine clothes and bodily physique will be the only human dignity; and only water in far-away holy places will be sacred, for the local water will be increasingly polluted.”

“Amidst all the natural castes (or levels of human evolution) the strongest in wealth and brute force shall rule over all principalities and everything will be done in a faulty way.  The common people, unable to bear the heavy taxation and other burdens of their greedy and oppressive governors and leaders shall take refuge in the remote countryside; more and more people will try to avoid polluted food, preferring to live on wild honey, herbs, roots and flowers, as well as the hunting of wild animals, fish and birds; but their poverty will increase as they are exposed to increasing extremes of freezing cold or hot droughts and fires from chaotic wind, sun and rain.  All this will become so severe that in most regions the average lifespan of life will be only twenty-three years from all the deaths taking place from various conditions.  Thus during the Kali Yuga Climax Period (just before the solar system enters the Ascending Dwapara Yuga) the general degeneration and destruction will accelerate to the point that the entire human race on Earth will be near annihilation.”

“When the spiritual traditions of the past are no longer practiced and the institutions of law and justice have become falsified and dysfunctional, the final closure of the Kali Yuga shall be imminent.  At that time, a Self of the Divine Being who exists in His own innate spiritual nature in oneness with Brahman, and who shall be both the beginning and the end of all spiritual ways, and who comprehends all the spiritual ways and philosophies and sciences, shall descend upon the Earth.  He will be a true Brahman (by inner nature) from Shambhala.  He will be known as Kalki, chalky (Caucasian), endowed with all eight superhuman faculties, siddhis.  By an irresistible Cosmic Force he will destroy the Barbarian rulers and leaders who are nothing but conniving thieves whose minds are devoted to evil.  He, Kalki, will then re-establish righteous harmony upon the Earth; and the minds of those who survive the end of the Kali Age shall be awakened into higher unprejudiced awareness and be clear as crystal.  Those men and women of that peculiar time of transition shall be as seeds of the emergent human race that shall ascend and evolve through the Dwapara and Treta Ages into a new Krita Golden Age.”

  1. realist permalink

    You do know that “kalki” means “time” right? As in the quantum….. phenomenon….. of Time …. which isn’t….. [i]really[/i]… time. You really need to understand it like this.The kalki avatar….. is not a human. It is a manifestation of the universe in the form of some cosmic event that the most spiritually evolved . The materialists (niggers) flaws rely on their biological assumption that they will always have time on their backs …. so when time ….”ends”….hehehehehe
    The truth of Kalki is in the quantumn
    And in all the complexity, no one really knows the time or day when it will happen except that each day it doesn’t, makes it certain until it does.

    Stay safe.

    • gavin mcgregor permalink

      you under stand it all

      • I’m going to assume you’re Christian and I’m sorry if you were ofednfed.Actually, I have read the bible.”God is not of fear, that is all in your mind”.You’re exactly right, what I believe is in my mind and what you believe is in yours.You talk about love and how your god is not fear. Yet you come at me with negativity and anger. Negativity and anger both derive from fear. You tell me that I’m not “choosing eternal life”. Actually I do, because I believe all life is eternal and comes from the universe, not a man in the sky. Nor do I believe there is only heaven and hell. That itself instills fear; fear of not going to hell. I do not believe in hell therefore I have no fear of it nor does it exist. I’m actually a very spiritual person, and have compassion and love for all living things.Today’s bible is a book that’s been written over and over and over so many times that the true meaning of the words has been lost.As for Adam and Eve, I just don’t believe in talking snakes. But if you really want to how I feel about Christianity, try to get through the post titled “The Christan Conspiracy” under the subject tag “Christianity”.I wish you peace.

  2. gavin mcgregor permalink

    tell me somthing why is it all i read about is the white horse )
    come on there must be somthing els kalki avatar his face his manner
    his charictor ( all other faiths are waiting for a face to match to them
    it,s getting to be a joke! the tenth feel free to jump in and bring every thing up to date and as far as the swords is conserned avatar that was wrong the first time
    that it was wrote ,., in this comment no ofence if cristel clear is for you
    stop looking for a see er if you can see realy is there no more on the kalki avatar it,s not good a nough my spelling is bad you know what i mean
    and if your not telling the massas then it will be your days that will be longer
    if you dont know then say but dont go on and on filling pages
    a five year old can do that . reply but dont be angary and realy take your time
    and think what you have to say om.

  3. God is not of fear, that is all in your mind. Try reading your Bible, and learn what he did so you could be alive today. That is not Fear that is LOVE saniifrcicg himself because the fall of Adam and Eve’s sin. Now b/c of him you have a freewill choice of Heaven or Hell. It doesn’t look like you are choosing eternal life as he so graciously laid down his for you. What a shame!!! Godspeed to all.

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